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Inspiration The 200mm F/2.0 Lens | 15 Photos That Will Make You Need One
By Christopher Lin on January 18, 2019
The 200mm F/2.0 Lens is a dream lens for almost every portrait photographer.

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Featured Projects ‘Breathe’ | Nature And Art Collide In This 8K Black And White Time Lapse
By Holly Roa on January 12, 2018
Stressful week? Got 5 minutes? We’ve got just the thing to pull you out of...
Gear & Apps Dell Unveils Ridiculous 32” Monitor with 8K Resolution & 100% aRGB Coverage
By Bing Putney on January 8, 2017
At CES in Las Vegas, Dell introduced a new 32” monitor with 8K resolution...
Gear & Apps Leica’s Sensor Manufacturer Announces 8K Global Shutter CMOS Chip
By Bing Putney on November 11, 2016
Cmosis has introduced a sensor with an unprecedented combination of capabilities.
Featured Projects Watch Volcano Calbuco Erupt In Magnificent 8K/4K Timelapse
By Hanssie on June 16, 2015
On April 22, 2105, Volcano Calbuco, one of the most active volcanos in Southern Chile...
Tips & Tricks Shooting 8K Video From Your D800 | A New Way To Look At Architectural Photography
By Kishore Sawh on March 9, 2015
When gear disaster meets the power of will and creativity, something like this is born....