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A Stylized Fantasy Shoot Using 3 Simple Elements

By Paul Faecks on July 20th 2014

To create a great surreal fantasy portrait, it doesn’t have to be a huge, expensive production.  In the following video, Jay P. Morgan from The Slanted Lens shows you how he created a great-looking fantasy image with a relatively small and inexpensive production. He uses a few studio strobes, leaves and a branch that he places right at the corner of his frame to visually border the shot and some grass in the foreground to create this fun, stylized image.


Watch how it was done:


The Backdrop

The design of the set is also relatively simple. Jay uses a gray backdrop that looks like a thunderstorm cloud. To give the backdrop of the image some depth, he then placed three Photoflex Flex Head strobes right on the ground to produce a nice fall off from the bottom to the top.

The stormy backdrop and the branch

The stormy backdrop and the branch

Other Elements In The Shot

Jay also places clumps of grass in foreground of the image to make the scene a bit more dramatic. Due to the large aperture of f/2.8, the grass falls nicely out of focus.

The Construction

We created a small structure for her to lean on that will give the impression that she is leaning into the wind. A couple large fans and some handfuls of leaves will complete the set.

The construction

The construction

And there you have it: a quality fantasy image that was produced without a huge team and a lot of money.


What do you think about this image? Do you have any tips on creating such images?

[via TheSlantedLens]

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Paul Faecks is a portrait- and fine art photographer, based in Berlin. If you want to check out his latest work, you can do so by following him on Instagram or by liking his Facebook Page

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  1. Sean John Zanderecza

    well first, you gotta have those gears & lights.. a cool concept, but maybe not (easily) as doable for most people..

    | |
  2. James Matthews

    A lot of work that an average Joe mostly can’t do. It looks great though and I do love the studio they work in!

    | |
  3. Greg Faulkner

    Yea looks good, but it’s still a fair bit of work

    | |
  4. Michael Giordano

    Hmm, maybe it’s all relative, but it looks like quite a production to me. Nonetheless, great video and article.

    | |
  5. Nick Viton

    Is it just me or do Slanted Lens videos always feel like commercials?
    Cool, high level productions nonetheless.

    | |

    Great and awesome work…….. we all can create stunning pictures if we are willing to

    | |