Whether it be the weather or timing, the sky might not have turned out as exciting in your shot as you imagined. Photoshop AI provides an easy fix and in this video, I’ll show you how to swap your sky in minutes.

Video: How To Replace Your Sky in Photoshop AI in Minutes

If you’re an SLR Lounge Premium member, go ahead and download the exercise file. Otherwise, you can load up your own image and follow along the edit.

Edited in Lightroom with Visual Flow > Mood Presets

After applying your basic look in Lightroom, hop into Photoshop.

Photoshop AI Sky Replacement Tool

photoshop ai sky replacement

First, select the sky that best fits the scene. If it’s a sunset scene, be sure to pick a sunset sky.

Next, match the lighting direction. The light in this shot is coming from the left. Use the “Flip” box to flip the sky to match. You can also move the sky around to find the best position.

Now, adjust the brightness and temperature to feel more fitting in the scene.

Once we hit “Done,” the sky replacement gets put into its own folder in the layers. Here, pull back the overall opacity of the new sky until it looks natural and realistic. A sky that’s too vivid will feel Photoshopped.

Lastly, create a shallow gradient mask where the sky meets the surface. This will help clean up the horizon and blend the overall effect with the rest of the image.

Before & After

photoshop ai final


I hope you enjoyed this article/video! Adobe has been adding incredible Photoshop AI tools to make the editing process more efficient. For an entire course on Lightroom editing, visit SLR Lounge Premium. You can also visit Visual Flow for intuitive Lightroom presets and retouching tools to maximize your workflow and editing needs.

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