Wirestock, a leading marketplace for stock photos, vectors and videos, has added a  new premium feature called the personal shop, which grants a creator the ability to sell photo prints, collections, and digital licenses with complete price control and zero commission.  Let’s review the details below to see if Wirestock is right for you.

What Is Wirestock?

Wirestock is an online platform that gives visual creators one-door access to the largest stock content marketplaces, helping them earn faster, easier, and more effectively. The platform’s newest feature, the Wirestock personal shop, is another avenue for creators to earn money with their content.

What Is Wirestock’s Personal Shop?

wirestock shop feature 01

Wirestock as a platform comes with a free, built-in portfolio for creators to showcase their work (and share it via a personal link). The portfolio feature is a great way to compile a representation of the very best work you have as an artist and help define your brand for potential clients. But this kind of online photo gallery is only the beginning with Wirestock, as the platform lets you take your work even further.

Wirestock shop pricing images 02
You can set your own prices through Wirestock’s new shop.

A premium plan upgrade to the usual portfolio you would have on the platform, Wirestock’s personal shop is a space created, curated, and controlled by the artist themselves. The shop grants a creator the ability to sell photo prints, collections, and digital licenses; and do so with complete price control and zero commission. You read that right: zero commission. Plus, shop owners have the ability to have their page SEO optimized, making it both client and search-engine-friendly.

How Does the Personal Shop Add to the Regular Wirestock Experience?

An exciting addition to Wirestock’s Premium Plan, the shop is now included alongside 100 additional easy submissions, faster keywording and review, round-the-clock support, and the ability to download files with metadata up to 500 GB. Additionally, creators who own a shop will have the ability to sell their content directly from their page, regardless of the sales they would usually make through marketplaces on Wirestock.

You can start with a free account and get a feel for Wirestock’s layout and options. It won’t take long before you realize what a potentially great opportunity the new shop represents. Check out these tips on our site to learn more about the stock photography marketplace and make sure your content is up to par. Then, head over to Wirestock and get ready to place your photos in front of more eyes and bump your income without too much extra effort.


Aside from booking photography gigs and selling prints to interested parties after the gigs, photographers can make a bit of money selling their photos on a stock content marketplace. Beyond the challenge of capturing photos that stand out in a crowded marketplace, however, is finding a site to efficiently and effectively host your photos, your online photo store, if you will. Of course, when you own a “shop,” you need to maintain and promote it in order to effectively build it into a sustainable source of income. Some sites make it easier than others to do this. One site, in particular, that just made it easier than ever with their new “Personal Shop,” is Wirestock. If you’re looking to sell your photos online, this is one option you’ll definitely want to look into.