The following is a special guest post from entrepreneur and Pinterest expert Melanie Duncan.

Photographers in the digital era are in a unique position to capitalize on trends in image-based social media, and there’s no platform more picture-happy than Pinterest. Sure, you already spend your waking hours updating Twitter and Facebook with images from your latest shoots, but have you ever considered pinning? In case you are wondering, it’s not all hand-knit sweaters and DIY projects. As one of the most picture-heavy platforms online, Pinterest is a great way for professional photographers to build their brand. Check out my photo-centric Pinterest tips to maximize your work’s exposure!

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Create A Board Full of Past Work

Go through your portfolio, pick out your very best work, and create a Pinterest board –– or make a few and theme them! They’ll function the same way as a Facebook album, only Pinterest users will be able to easily re-post or “pin” your pictures, increasing their views on the site. With any luck, your images will be re-pinned, those re-pins will be pinned, and you’ll create a domino effect of exposure. Just make sure to put a subtle watermark on your photos to protect them!

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Pin Client Testimonials

Pinterest users love themselves a well-designed pictographic, which works out great for you –– they’re a perfect way to showcase client testimonials! Keep praiseworthy quotes short and use an eye-catching font that will grab pinners’ attention. For example, you can place a testimonial from a happily married couple over your most gorgeous wedding photo. People will be attracted to the picture, and will simultaneously get to-the-point information about why they should hire you. It’s a win-win!

Photo used with permission from Jasmine Star (
Photo used with permission from Jasmine Star (

Set Up a Pinterest Business Account

Creating a business account with Pinterest helps you cater content to potential clients. You’ll be able to track which of your boards and pins are the most popular, as well as how much exposure you’re receiving on the platform. Are users flocking to your wedding portraits like moths to a flame? Throw together another board of beautifully photographed couples in love. Do pinners love your tips on styling fashion shoots? Make a video tutorial of your process and pin it straight from YouTube! Having a business account gives you inside scoop on what your clients are looking for, and by catering to their interests, you’ll get more business.

If you like these tips and are looking for more, check out my Unlock the Power of Pinterest course on creativeLIVE.