As the weather continues to cool down this winter, many in our community have been asking about the gloves that Pye often wears on his shoots. So we wanted to write up a quick article to give a few recommendations for Photography Gloves and start a discussion for the best ones on the market.

Main Criteria for Selecting Photography Gloves

Your requirements for gloves worn when handling your camera will be different depending on the type of photography you are doing and the weather. However, there are a few common characteristics you want to look for.

  • Touch Screen Compatible – This is super important if you need to use your smartphones for any reason during your shoots. If you’re using a touch screen micro 4/3rds camera, this is even more of a must-have.
  • Thin and not Slippery – Big bulky photography gloves can make it harder to grip things. This is obviously not a good thing when you’re holding thousands of dollars of equipment. Stick with thinner gloves that aren’t slippery.
  • Key Pocket – Just an added bonus, but having a key pocket is great if you want an extra place to put a memory card or two.

Nike Running Gloves for Photography

Our gloves of choice are these simply Running Gloves by Nike. We wear these when it gets a little chilly during our outdoor Engagement Sessions or Landscape Photography Trips. We also wear them for Newborn Photography Shoots to keep the newborn comfortable and away from our cold, clammy hands.


Photography Gloves in Action

The following screenshot is taken from our HDR Photography Workshop. In it, we travel the beautiful Southwest United States in the Fall Season and teach you how to capture amazing HDR photography. The fall season got a little chilly so we wore these gloves as the sun set.


The following image is a screenshot of our Newborn Photography Workshop. As we mentioned, we wear these for the baby’s comfort.


Gloves Designed for Photography

B&H has a wide selection of gloves specifically designed for photography. Most are built for extreme weather. If you’re looking for these thicker types of gloves, click here.


Community Thoughts for Photography Gloves

What are your thoughts? Which brands have you tried and what are your favorites? Let us know in the comments below.

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