It’s been a helluva week here in the U.S of A., where 6.5 million people who benefit from Obamacare get to stay insured, and incredibly, there was also news that managed to cast a shadow on that, or perhaps, a rainbow.

A massive victory for equal rights in the form of nationwide right to marry for gay couples has been the cause of much celebration. It has also been, as one would expect, the cause of much protest and concern. Just as those who celebrate the new legislation have been vocal about their elation, many of a more conservative and religious nature have not been shy in voicing their opinions, and depending on what side of the fence you stand on the matter, you may begin to see some confrontation with clients or employers.

Case in point, we have Clinton Brentwood Lee of Brentwood Photography based out of St. Petersburg, Florida. An established photography business, seemingly with a heart that loves equally, Brentwood has shown support for the LGBT community and the new legislation that backs their equality. He has been met with disgruntled clients because of it.


The studio’s support was disturbing enough to one client that to them it merited a cancellation on their agreement that Lee should shoot their wedding. Furthermore, the client felt entitled to have their retainer returned, and all because they don’t support ‘untraditional marriages’ not between a man and woman. When receiving a message like this from a client, you are presented with many avenues to take. While to many it may seem like the path with least resistance may be the easiest place to stand, there is a lot to be said for having a backbone, and maintaining your integrity with a well calculated, honest, not mean spirited response, much like the one delivered by Lee below:


I think this was a brilliant response, with just enough critique to incite indignation, and more than enough kindness to squash it.

We couldn’t stress more how much our business is a people business, and just as we all come in different shapes and sizes, we come with different views, so you are bound to encounter a scenario of this nature. How you respond has far-reaching consequences for you as an individual, and how you and your business is perceived. And while it would be impossible to please everyone, it warrants saying that you don’t need to offend everyone either, even if you have a firm stance to take.


Brentwood Photography is but one of many who have handled a negative situation with grace and having spoken to their office earlier today, I can tell you it is apparent that their values run deep. I think they’ve done a great thing here, and we should show our gratitude and support. You can do that on their FB page here and check out their site here.

What conflicts or similar encounters have you had to deal with, and how did you resolve them?