The olloclip is a quick-connect lens solution for the iPhone 4/4S that includes fisheye,wide-angle and macro lenses in one small, convenient package that easily fits in your pocket. Nestled in the palm of your hand, the olloclip connects to the iPhone within seconds so you’ll be sure to capture the image you want…if you don’t see the picture you’re looking for just flip it over to switch lenses.

The Fisheye lens captures approximately a 180 Degree field-of-view and produces some striking images.The Wide-Angle lens is great for when you need that extra field of view, approximately double that of the normal iPhone. The Macro lens applies roughly a 10X multiplier and allows you to focus the iPhone within 12-15mm of the subject. The Macro lens is cleverly concealed within the olloclip and can be accessed by unscrewing the Wide-Angle lens that is normally attached to it.

The olloclip ships with a carrying bag made from a microfiber material that doubles as a lens cleaner and conveniently holds the supplied-lens caps or the Wide-Angle lens when removed for Macro shots.


Check out this overview video:

The olloclip is Price: $69.99 through



Solid Construction. The olloclip is made from hard plastic and metal and is very solid in its construction.

Nice optics. Real glass lenses. No brainer.

Lightweight. You’ll barely know that there is anything there. It weighs 20 grams AKA 0.7 oz.

Works with screen protectors on. If you have a screen protector on your phone, you can still use the clip w/o removing it.


CONS (only slightly, I might add):

iPhone 4/4S only. Not a problem if you’re up with the latest tech, but if you’re still sporting a 3GS or heaven forbid a 3G, you’re out of luck with the olloclip.

Small parts to lose. Keep them in the pouch when not using them!

Covers the phone’s power switch while attached.

No cases allowed. The olloclip will not attach while a case is on your phone.



The olloclip works great as it was meant to. I use it a lot with video as well. Overall the olloclip is AN AWESOME TOOL for any iPhone photo enthusiast. I will keep this thing in my arsenal for sure. I give the olloclip 4/5 stars.