I really like my Canon EOS M, really I do. I also know that for many photographers, especially when it was first released, the EOS M just didn’t cut it for a few reasons. But the camera’s failure to sell lies not with the capabilities of the camera, and more with Canon’s treatment of it.

Canon EOS M with EF Adapter

Canon released the EOS-M with horrible pricing, and terrible AF issues. The AF issues were later fixed with firmware updates, but the damage had been done. The EOS-M already had a bad reputation. I will not lie, I only bought mine because the price dropped to $250 on Ebay. But, what I found was a very capable camera, a camera that I loved to use, just with a few annoyances.

[REWIND: The EOS M: Canon’s Loss, Is Your Gain]

But Canon seems to have taken the failure of the EOS-M as a confirmation of their thoughts that mirrorless is inferior to the DSLR. A sentiment that many of you likely share, but that those of us who use mirrorless know to be factually incorrect (in most aspects of photography).

It is my thinking that if Canon really put some effort into an EOS M3 for release here in the US that it could be successful, if not wildly popular. So I have come up with my EOS M3 wishlist, the mirrorless camera Canon should have made…

Canon EOS M3 Wishlist

Canon EOS M

  • Same small form factor as EOS-M, but with popup or hotshoe EVF option
  • 16mp-20mp APS-C Sensor, maybe a Full Frame model too
  • 6-8FPS continuous burst
  • DualPixel AF (same as in the 70D)
  • longer lasting battery, and/or a true battery grip option
  • 1080P/120FPS (4K would be nice, but not realistic from Canon)

Probably the biggest thing to me there would be the dual pixel AF sensor. They could honestly take the current EOS M, add that dual pixel AF technology and I would be happy. Some other unrealistic requests would be a pop-out EF-adapter built onto the body, and a price tag under $800.

Canon got the EOS-M 80% (maybe even 90%) right the first time around, if they would just take the time to get that other 10-20%, right they could really have a a winner in my opinion.


What are your thoughts on Canon’s mirrorless future? Do you think they will ever take it seriously? What is on your EOS-M3 wishlist? Leave a comment below.