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The Mirrorless Camera Canon Should Have Made, My EOS M3 Wishlist

By Anthony Thurston on June 25th 2014

I really like my Canon EOS M, really I do. I also know that for many photographers, especially when it was first released, the EOS M just didn’t cut it for a few reasons. But the camera’s failure to sell lies not with the capabilities of the camera, and more with Canon’s treatment of it.

Canon EOS M with EF Adapter

Canon released the EOS-M with horrible pricing, and terrible AF issues. The AF issues were later fixed with firmware updates, but the damage had been done. The EOS-M already had a bad reputation. I will not lie, I only bought mine because the price dropped to $250 on Ebay. But, what I found was a very capable camera, a camera that I loved to use, just with a few annoyances.

[REWIND: The EOS M: Canon’s Loss, Is Your Gain]

But Canon seems to have taken the failure of the EOS-M as a confirmation of their thoughts that mirrorless is inferior to the DSLR. A sentiment that many of you likely share, but that those of us who use mirrorless know to be factually incorrect (in most aspects of photography).

It is my thinking that if Canon really put some effort into an EOS M3 for release here in the US that it could be successful, if not wildly popular. So I have come up with my EOS M3 wishlist, the mirrorless camera Canon should have made…

Canon EOS M3 Wishlist

Canon EOS M

  • Same small form factor as EOS-M, but with popup or hotshoe EVF option
  • 16mp-20mp APS-C Sensor, maybe a Full Frame model too
  • 6-8FPS continuous burst
  • DualPixel AF (same as in the 70D)
  • longer lasting battery, and/or a true battery grip option
  • 1080P/120FPS (4K would be nice, but not realistic from Canon)

Probably the biggest thing to me there would be the dual pixel AF sensor. They could honestly take the current EOS M, add that dual pixel AF technology and I would be happy. Some other unrealistic requests would be a pop-out EF-adapter built onto the body, and a price tag under $800.

Canon got the EOS-M 80% (maybe even 90%) right the first time around, if they would just take the time to get that other 10-20%, right they could really have a a winner in my opinion.


What are your thoughts on Canon’s mirrorless future? Do you think they will ever take it seriously? What is on your EOS-M3 wishlist? Leave a comment below.

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Anthony Thurston is a photographer based in the Salem, Oregon area specializing in Boudoir. He recently started a new project, Fiercely Boudoir to help support the growing boudoir community. Find him over on Instagram. You may also connect with him via Email.

Q&A Discussions

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  1. Tom Rose

    As always many folk commenting on the Internet are so wrapped up in their own needs or wants that they will rubbish something excellent if it does not meet them. I can understand why anyone that bought an EOS-M as their main camera would be disappointed, and would be better served by some other maker’s mirrorless camera, but for some of us the EOS-M is ideal.

    I use a Canon 1-Ds mark ii most of the time. (Yes I would rather have a 1-Dx, but I don’t have a spare 3 Grand lying about right now). If I am walking any distance I really do not want to carry second SLR, and especially not another 1.5kg 1-series, as a backup. The entry level DSLRs from Canon are very light, but still a bit bulky, that is to say awkwardly shaped for packing away, and quite fragile. T

    he EOS-M is perfect as a backup for a DSLR. It is tiny enough to squeeze into an already full kit bag, and it might be small but it is very solidly built. With the EOS-M adapter it can use the same lenses as my DSLR and the APS-C produces DSLR quality results. What is more it weighs a mere 460g with battery and lens adapter. It is true that it is completely different to use than a DSLR, and that the AF is relatively slow (especially compared to the blistering AF of 1-series Canons) but with the latest firmware it is good enough.

    | |
  2. Frank Urquhart

    OK Here goes.

    I too love my EOS M. Love the pic quality and video quality but disappointed with the AF. I would say the slow AF is not an issue with 80% of my or others photography but is definitely an issue with moving objects so a problem with Kids photography and sport etc. My EOS M got me hooked so when I could not get the lenses I wanted I purchased & tried a Sony NEX7. That lasted less than a week before I sold it on as the terrible settings menu and need to go through various hoops to get the settings required easy access to. So I have kept my EOS M and DSLR and still really like the EOS M’s size and IQ. Now with the release of more lenses I have got the EF-M 11-22 and Tamron’s 18-200mm (1 lens set up).

    My Wish List:
    1) No1 would to be to have the same sensor as the 70D.
    2) More lens options, especially quick large aperture options. People wanting to use EF-S lenses have the option of the adapter so I cant see how building the length onto the body is a step forward, the EF/EF-S lenses are large and heavy whilst the EF-M are compact, light and excellent quality. If Canon want to take CSC’s seriously they will need to develop more lens options.
    3) I have got used to not using an EFV but an optional one would be good. However a tilting LCD would be better.
    4) Wi-Fi as on the EOS2 is good.
    5) If Canon REALLY want to take CSC’s seriously they will need to develop a Full Frame CSC. It will be larger than the EOS M but still small compared to a DSLR. No doubt the EFM lenses wont fit that body but hopefully the FF lenses they will have to release will fit the EOS M giving EOS M more options just like EF lenses do on crop sensor EF-S bodies.

    The EOS M is a brilliant camera, and at the discounted prises its a no brainer. I love mine…. if only the AF speed FPS were quicker, it would be PERFECT.

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  3. Tony Nguyen

    Might as well buy a sony since they have everything in your wishlist.

    | |
  4. Eric S

    I think all Canon would need to do is somehow make a mirrorless that has an EF-S mount. They’ve got plenty of people with their lenses already out there; I think one of the major turnoffs is people didn’t want to deal with buying more glass. Dual-pixel + EF mount would sell it for me.

    | |
    • adam sanford

      Yeah, Canon needs a solid 6-8 lenses in EF-M or they should just make the body-thickness concession and slam an EF-S mount on it.

      | |
    • adam sanford

      Presently, the current system lacks an EVF and quality, modern lenses with USM focusing. Until that happens, this rig is effectively a toy backup body for current APS-C and FF DSLRs with bags full of glass.

      It takes lovely pictures, but if it doesn’t focus quickly, requires adapters to get into the EF-S or EF ecosystem, it will always be the child of stunted growth.

      The sad thing is, Canon made the most important decision correctly — to go with a relatively big sensor that will take nice shots. All they have to do now is follow through with this. Build the native EF-M lens pool up to size or (as another person suggested) make the next EOS-M have an EF-S mount. And get us a damn EVF — even the G1 X Mark II has one already!

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  5. R. Geise

    I was hoping for either Canon or Nikon to come out with a full-featured mirror less – waited, waited, and waited – finally gave up and got a Sony A7 – love it.

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