In the past, we’ve brought you essential forms and checklists for photographers like the model release form and the photography contract. We wanted to continue this series by providing you with a Photography Equipment Checklist.

Why Use a Photography Equipment Checklist?

Forgetting a critical battery, filter, gel, or other piece of gear can have significant effects on your shoot. It’s easy to forget small, but important items. While we would not likely walk out of the door without our camera body, we might forget the all important Pocket Wizard Cable and thus be unable to execute certain off-camera lighting techniques.

What Makes This Form Different?

We’ve tried our best to make your life easy by creating an easily printable, 3 column excel spreadsheet. Simply replace our equipment items with yours and print out the page. Now you have a checklist that you can use for 3 shoots (one shoot per column).

Where can I download this?

–> Click here to download the Photography Equipment Checklist. It’s Free!

Photography Equipment Checklist

The following are items that we’ve included in our checklist

What are we missing in our Photography Equipment Checklist?

Are there things that you carry on your shoots that you don’t see listed here? Let us know what we missed!