Titanium Innovations 16-Bay Charger Review by SLR Lounge

Since we released the Ultimate Practical Review of the Best AA Batteries for Photography and the Ultimate Practical Rechargeable AA Battery Review we have been frequently asked what battery charger to purchase.

Overall, we were quite surprised to see that not only did the Eneloop and the Eneloop XX rechargeable batteries win, but they practically crushed the competition in both tests. We use them all the time at the SLR Lounge studio and Lin and Jirsa Wedding Photography.

The problem we do have with the Eneloop battery is that the standard Sanyo Eneloop Battery Charger only charges 4 batteries at a time. We typically go through 16-32 Eneloops per wedding shooter. With the amount of batteries we use shooting anywhere from 2-5 weddings per weekend, we would have to buy a lot of Sanyo 4-bay chargers.

That is why we’re stoked to find the Titanium 16-bay Battery Charger. It’s such a great charger that we ended up buying 6 of them. Watch the video below to check out our full review of this great photographic accessory.

Titanium 16-bay Battery Charger

Why We Love the Titanium Battery Charger

Here are some of the reasons why we love this charger:

  • You can charge AA or AAA batteries without using adapters.
  • You don’t have to charge in pairs. You can charge an odd number of batteries at any given time.
  • There are LCD readouts that tell you how much charge is left in each battery.
  • You can also discharge batteries before charging if you need to.
  • The charger will stop charging a battery once it is fully charged, which can help extend the life of the battery.
  • Built in safety and thermal protection.

The Titanium 16-bay charger is on sale on Amazon.com for about $50, which is about the same price as buying 4 of the Sanyo Eneloop Battery Charger, but without the hassle of finding 4 power sockets to plug into.

If a 16-bay charger is overkill for your needs, Titanium also makes the Titanium 8800 8-bay Battery Charger for around $35.

Don’t forget to read our Ultimate Practical Review of the Best AA Batteries for Photography and also the follow up Ultimate Practical Review of the Best Rechargeable AA Batteries for Photography to find out why we like to use Eneloops rechargeable batteries.