eneloopAs wedding photographers we absolutely destroy our batteries. It is typical for us to go through 12 AA batteries each on a single shoot. Now, shooting as often as we do, this gets quite expensive quite quickly. So, we began the trek of looking for good rechargeable batteries that could easily power flashes on their own.

We tried out three different brands of rechargeable including Energizers, Duracells and Sanyo Eneloops. We quickly noticed that early off in the trial, the Duracell and Energizer rechargeables held significiantly more charge than the Eneloops. Both the Energizer and Duracell rechargeables held charges around 2,500mAH while the Sanyo Eneleoop was at a humble 2,000 mAH.

What did this mean? Well it meant that for the first month or so the Duracell and Energizer batteries held more charge and thus lasted longer than the Eneloops. However, this quickly started to change. We started noticing that the charge and battery life on the Duracell and Energizer batteries began to diminish far quicker than that of the Eneloops.

Charge after charge, the Eneloops held up to powering around 300-400 flashes (with decent recycle times) while the Duracell and Energizers were starting to die off at around only 200 flashes.

So, if you are looking for rechargeables to be used in high power devices such as flashes, consider a set of Sayno Eneloop batteries. You and your pocket book will be glad you did. For even quicker and more consistent flash recycling, check out our article on the Quantum C Power Pack.