If the most important tool for a photographer is light, then the most important accessory should be a light modifier. If you know how to harness light and make it work for you, you can create countless looks. One of our favorite light modifiers, which is versatile and inexpensive, is a reflector. Reflectors over the years have come in all shapes and sizes, and can be used in many different ways. The tried and true triple reflector is a favorite of glamor and headshots, and this DIY tutorial will show you how to make one for less than $40.

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This tip was sent in by Jim Berton, who is a product photographer for www.stormykromer.com, an apparel manufacturer. He uses this DIY triple reflector daily for products and corporate headshots for his company. Berton says he got the inspiration to make this reflector from the DIY posts that we feature from time to time. (You can find those articles here).

Berton used a short piece of PCV pipe and put it on a cheap light stand so that different heights could be achieved easily. Using ripstop nylon in both white and mirrored (he has two sets of this unit – one set in white, and the other set is mirrored), PVC pipe, and fittings, he created this:


This DIY adjustable unit will save you a few bucks – white ripstop the project parts were $28 and with mirrored ripstop the total came to $36.

Here are the instructions with the measurements for the PVC and how long to cut them, including the materials needed.


DIY-triple-reflector-4 DIY-reflector


Thanks for sharing your project with us, Jim.

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