CleverFiles have recently announced the release of the latest version of ​Disk Drill for Mac​. What is Disk Drill? It’s an all-in-one Data Recovery Software that is actually easy, fast, and efficient. The Disk Drill app provides you with a quick way to recover critical business documents, music, photos, and videos, but will also track files and whole partitions that may have been misplaced on your computer.​ Version 4 is ready for macOS 11 Big Sur and data recovery from iOS 14.​ ​Disk Drill ​can scan and recover over 400 file types with a press of a single button, right from your computer’s internal or external drive, or any supported storage device. Files can be recovered whole, or reconstructed in the event of a damaged drive.

According to the recent ​Data Recovery Survey 2020​ conducted by CleverFiles, 63% of respondents have recently lost their personal digital data, and 42% of them weren’t able to recover their data.

For fast, reliable file recovery Disk Drill comes with advanced scanning algorithms to identify and reconstruct deleted files in over 400 different file formats, including the new raw photo, videos, and audio formats. Updated FAT32, NTFS, HFS+, and APFS recovery algorithms, powered by Disk Drill’s smart scans, find more recoverable files, which allows for an improved (up to a 200%) recovery efficiency.

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Disk Drill can successfully recover lost and deleted data from a computer’s internal disk as well as external drives, mobile devices, memory cards, digital cameras, and more. Accidentally deleted files can be easily retrieved with the ​Quick Scan​.

In case of a less recent data loss, Disk Drill performs a ​Deep Scan​, a thorough search of the entire drive to reconstruct lost files. In fact, the sequence of algorithms Disk Drill runs in the background is much more complicated than that, and is always adapted to a specific use case and ensures the best recovery results for one’s file system, storage device condition, etc.

Deep Scan is one of the most advanced Disk Drill’s recovery algorithms. It works even when hard drives lose their formatting and disk space is marked as unallocated. This Disk Drill release concentrates on raw photos and videos, and substantially improves their recovery in many ways.

Data Recovery 2

New image file types now recoverable on Mac:

  • GoPro GPR
  • JP2
  • HEIC
  • WMF
  • Panasonic/Leica RAW
  • Panasonic RWL
  • Sony SR2 and SRF
  • Leaf MOS
  • Mamiya MEF
  • Epson ERF
  • Minolta MRW
  • Olympus ORF
  • Canon CR3
  • APM

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As well as many video and audio formats:

  • BRAW: professional video recordings
  • CinemaDNG: reconstruct deleted digital cinema files
  • Canon CRM: Cinema RAW Light HD videos
  • Ground-breaking improvements in QuickTime-based video recovery (MOV and similar containers)
  • MPC: compressed audio files based on MPEG-2 algorithms
  • and others

Duplicate Removal 2

In addition to an improved data recovery, Disk Drill for Mac introduces new and updated free features:

  • NEW: Time Machine Recovery:​ analyze your Time Machine backups and safely extract any data you may need without the need to restore the backups.
  • NEW: Data Shredder:​ securely delete any files and folders for good. This new free module will destroy unwanted files on a storage device beyond any future recovery.
  • NEW: Free Disk Space:​ securely erase free space on any disk. Ensures others can’t recover what was deleted by securely wiping disk space marked as free.
  • IMPROVED: Clean Up: ​allows you to free some space and quickly get a data map of all existing files and folders to remove space hogs.
  • IMPROVED: Find Duplicates: ​scans the drivers for duplicate content to free up some extra space. Also, a convenient way to remove duplicates from network folders and online storage accounts like Dropbox or Google Drive.

Disk Drill 4 is the biggest update in the program’s history, the software has received significant improvements and refinements, including the ​new User Interface and Dark Mode​. It’s more intuitive and easier to navigate and displays all of the functionality of the application in its main window.

Pricing and availability

Downloading the trial version of Disk Drill 4 for Mac, the customer can preview the data that can be recovered before purchasing the Pro version for $89 at ​​

With a purchase of Disk Drill PRO for Mac, the customer also gets a license letting them use Disk Drill for Windows.

Data Recovery Scan In Progres2

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You can find tutorials on how to use the software on the Cleverfiles YouTube channel. I’ve tested the software out briefly on an old HD at home and was actually quite impressed with how easy it was to use. Granted I had nothing to test a truly corrupted memory card/hd out yet (knock on wood, I’ve had no HD’s fail on me yet) so my tests consisted of manually deleting files and doing restores manually which all worked quite well. So how about you? Have you used Disk Drill before? Considering downloading the demo to give it a test yourself? Have any questions not covered here you’d like answered? Let us know in the comments below.

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