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How to Customize Watermarks in Lightroom 4

By Pye Jirsa on May 9th 2012

In this Episode of the Lightroom 4 DVD Training we will be showing you guys how to customize your watermarks so you can see your own studio or business logo when you export your photos. We will show you how to resize it, how to place it where you want it in the frame and how to save it as a preset. Make sure that when you upload your logo it has some transparency and saved as png instead of jpg, otherwise it will show white. Enjoy!

The following tutorial is from the Lightroom 4 A-Z DVD Guide. We will be releasing 1-2 tutorials per week from the LR4 A-Z DVD. The full DVD including 130 tutorials and nearly 14 hours of Lightroom 4 training is available in the SLR Lounge Store for only $99.

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The Lightroom 4 A-Z training DVD will turn any Lightroom novice into a complete master of Lightroom 4 in no time! The DVD which can be played on a Mac or Windows PC includes the following:
– 130 Video Tutorials and nearly 14 hours of content!
– Over 6 hours of tutorials dedicated to developing techniques
– Full Menu System for easy navigation through the tutorials
– Bonus DVD Content that includes Advanced Lightroom 4 Techniques
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  1. Lakin Jones

    While watermarking the edges of an image has the benefit of brand visibility shared on social media it will unfortunately do nothing to prevent someone from cropping out the logo and illegally re-purposing the image for their own use. Preventing that requires a full image watermark like stock image sites utilize.

    Apologies if you mentioned that in the video, I skimmed to see if there was anything new to me.

    | |