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Product Name: Camera and Laptop Split Strap
Company: Custom SLR
Cost: $28.95 (Strap) + $39.95 (C-Loop)
Subject: Bag and Camera Strap System

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Written Review – 5/5 Stars 100% SLR Lounge Approved

5-of-5-starsSometimes writing a review and being a critic is difficult when there is nothing to critique. It doesn’t happen often, but it does happen. In the case of the Split Strap and C-Loop there is honestly nothing I can critique. There isn’t that much to analyze either. Custom SLR has done a fabulous job in creating these products.

The Split Strap is by far the most comfortable strap that I have ever worn, period. It is not only a wonderful piece of engineering design, each strap is very well made and is quite affordable considering the quality. I will be putting a split strap on every single messenger bag I own. I typically don’t use camera straps while shooting professionally as I love to have my camera completely free to move around. However, while shooting for fun and on vacation, the Split Strap is a must have for me.

Give it a try and I guarantee you will find it just as pleasantly surprising as I did as far as just how comfortable these straps are. Congrats to Custom SLR, you guys have really done a fabulous job of taking a simple existing product and making it so much better. I thank you, my shoulder thanks you, and soon every SLR Lounger will be thanking you!

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