Behold the Gizmon iCA. You’ve never seen an iPhone case like this. Made of 32 pieces of Polycarbonate parts. You can still use all iPhone functions with the GIZMON iCA on your iPhone. A few accessories are available for the Gizmon iCA including lenses, straps and tripods.

Check out this little video that is on Gizmon’s website:

Basic Info 

The Gizmon iCA is available through a few US retailers including Amazon. The retail price for the case itself is $65 which includes the iPhone case, Thin Mock-lens, Thick Mock-Lens, Multi-use tripod stand, 2 rings for straps, and a pouch. You can find more info at Gizmon’s website

Review: Overall Pros of the Gizmon iCA

Uniqueness – People will ask you over and over again about the iCA. It’s a very unique concept and a great conversation piece.

Carry the iCA like a camera, around your neck – While a neck strap is not included with the iCA, I found that a simple strap like a Holga strap works best. Simple and easy to use.

Natural feel – As a photographer, you will feel pretty natural holding the iCA in your hand.

Docs while in case – One of my biggest peeves is when I have to take off a case to dock it. The iCA has enough space around the 13-pin connector to dock with the case on.

Tripod mountable! You can now set up those time lapses and slow shutter shots while rocking a kick-a case. The mount is sturdy and removable when not in use.

Buttons work well. Another peeve of mine is when a case’s buttons do not work very well. The iCA’s buttons are solid and do exactly what they are intended to do. In addition to the shutter button (Vol up) there is a secondary button for the Volume down.

Overall Pros of the Gizmon iCA

Not for the daily routine iphone user. Lets face it, this case is rad, but a little big. The thick mock-lens is the better looking of the two, but will inhibit your ability to keep your phone in your pocket.

Camera app orientation fail. This does not have much to do with the design or function, but more of an overlook by some of the app developers out there. Since the Vol+ button now serves as a hard shutter release, the phone has to be oriented with the buttons skyward for the iCA to get the retro cam look. The problem is, some of my favorite camera apps don’t rotate and are upside down when in the iCA. Also, a lot of apps don’t allow for the use of the Vol+ button as a shutter release.

Mute button hidden. You have to remove the top of the case to turn on/off the mute button on the phone. This isn’t much of a problem for me, as I leave my phone on mute 90% of the time.

Finger over lens. If you shoot like me (see above photo) you will probably end up altering your hand position on the iCA so that you do not get a finger in all of your shots.

Conclusion | Is the Gizmon iCA Right For You?

I really enjoy having the iCA around my neck if I’m going to be shooting a lot. If you are going on a vacation and know you’ll be shooting with your iPhone, this case is a must. Overall I give the SLR Lounge stamp of approval for the Gizmon iCA!

Side note: I will be reviewing more iPhone camera accessories in the near future so keep your eyes peeled for those!