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Control Lightroom Wirelessly From Your Smartphone Or Tablet | ‘Control Room’ App

By Holly Roa on October 10th 2017

It’s a wireless era, but I’d bet money you’re still editing in Lightroom the old fashioned way – using sliders and presets from your computer, like a dinosaur.  Or maybe you’re using something like Loupedeck, or Palette, with manual tactile interfaces. But did you know, there’s another way?

Recently, software engineer Aaron Vizzini released a creation that allows Lightroom users to operate the program’s controls remotely via an app. Android or iOS users can download the Control Room app to control Lightroom from their devices.

The app allows for one to make changes to photos in Lightroom via the app using sliders in the ‘Basic, ‘Tones,’ ‘Mixer,’ and ‘Detail’ panels, as well as create their own custom panels. Purportedly, the adjustments made in-app are shown on your computer screen in real-time.

Users can also apply presets and use cataloging functions such as applying star ratings, color labels and flagging.

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Control Room costs $3.99 can be downloaded via the Google Play Store and iOS App Store and requires an accompanying Lightroom plugin which is downloaded from the Control Room site.

Keep your eyes out for a review from SLR Lounge where we will test Control Room and report back on real-world functionality and usefulness. In the mean time, check out the video below for a quick demonstration of Control Room in use.

What do you think, is your interest piqued, or will you give this one a pass?

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  1. Richard Olender

    With all due respect……using my phone to control my computer is the dumbest thing I have ever heard

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