An interesting rumor came across my desk this morning regarding Canon, and their plans for the next EOS-1 D flagship camera. If the latest is true, does 30FPS and a Global Shutter sound good to you?


According to the rumor report coming out of Canon Rumors, Canon is working hard to develop a new global shutter for their next EOS-1 D flagship camera. For those of you who do not know, a global shutter (sometimes referred to as an electronic shutter) does not have any moving parts, and is a sensor based technology.

Basically instead of having a physical shutter expose the sensor by opening and shutting, a global shutter works by exposing or obstructing all the photosites at once, or some do a more gradual fade on/off. But the effect is the same, the entire sensor is exposed at the same time, rather than a little at a time as with a standard physical shutter.


The rumor goes on to say that the company is hoping to achieve continuous shooting speeds of up to 30FPS for still images. This would obviously require quite a lot of new technologies, not just a global shutter, to achieve. But, it would virtually cement the Canon EOS-1 D as the top choice for sports and action shooters.

Now, the rumor is rated a CR1, meaning its from a new/untrusted source. So don’t go buying stock in Canon or selling all your gear in anticipation, as there’s little validating these claims.┬áBut still, the idea that Canon is working on something like this is rather exciting.

My X-T1 just got an electronic shutter via the latest firmware update, and it is awesome. When it is on, the camera is completely silent, its perfect for street photography or wedding ceremonies, or other events where you need to be able to capture the moment silently. An EOS-1 D with this technology would be pretty cool.

What are your thoughts on this news of Canon working on a global shutter for their next flagship camera? Share your thoughts in a comment below and let us know what you think!

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