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Electronic Shutter Vs. Mechanical Shutter | Pros & Cons

In the heydays of film, there was only one kind of shutter, the mechanical shutter. They came in two flavors, focal...

Has Canon Created A CMOS Sensor With Global Shutter & High Dynamic Range?

Regarding camera evolution and technological innovation, it’s Sony that leaves the rest high and dry, continuously...

Leica’s Sensor Manufacturer Announces 8K Global Shutter CMOS Chip

Cmosis has introduced a sensor with an unprecedented combination of capabilities.

Canon Announces New Global Shutter With Higher Dynamic Range

Perhaps the most exciting plans Canon has released in years.

New Sony Firmware & Fuji Organic Sensor Rumors [Daily Roundup]

Sony mirrorless owners got a little surprise this morning with the announcement of a series of new firmware updates...

Sony Releases 2 Videos On Their New ‘Starvis’ & ‘Pregius’ Sensors

Sony has released two videos today on their new sensors that manage to accomplish something quite spectacular.

Canon Working On 30FPS Global Shutter For Next EOS-1 D? | Rumor

An interesting rumor came across my desk this morning regarding Canon, and their plans for the next EOS-1 D flagship...

Canon To Debut New ‘Global Shutter’ Tech Into Upcoming DSLR?

For as long as there has been DSLR video, there has been the issue of rolling shutter. You know, that odd effect...