Canon has announced the 1DX Mark III and people are freaking out. In this video, I am going to give you a few reasons why I’m not so hyped on what is most definitely going to be a powerful new camera system. See my thoughts in our reaction video below:

When a manufacturer releases a new product they always lead with the biggest upgrades and most impressive specs first, the ones that will for sure get the highest reaction out of consumers. While we are dazzled by the wow-factors, the items that are undisclosed are likely just going to remain the same from the previous model.

What We Know About the Canon 1DX Mark III

Since the most important features are what everyone’s excited about, let’s discuss them first and compare how much of a change is really occurring from the 1DX Mark II.

  1. Better Autofocus System
  2. 20 Frames Per Second in Live View
  3. 4K 60FPS Internal RAW Video Recording

There is no mention of the resolution of the sensor or how the camera will perform in low-light.  Also, we can assume that with a new camera model comes an upgraded sensor size. The Canon 1Dx Mark II was a strong performer in low-light, so we are likely to see some improvements but nothing to write home about. Before I get into the reasons I’m not excited for this camera release, let me preface that this year was HUGE for Canon with the release of their mirrorless line up, and specifically, their RF lenses.

These lenses boast capabilities that weren’t previously imaginable and it’s got me excited to see what the future is like for Canon. The RF lenses have zoom lenses that operate as primes like the Canon RF 28-70mm f/2.0L which I’ve officially claimed as my new favorite lens of all time. We don’t really get any of the perks of their new mirrorless tech and accessories when we buy into the new 1DX Mark III, but let’s delve deeper into why exactly this specific camera announcement doesn’t have me jumping for joy.

3 Reasons Why I’m Not Excited about the Canon 1DX Mark III

EF lenses and cameras are the Canon technology of the past 20 years which is initially why I wasn’t too stoked for this announcement. This means we are spending a lot of money to buy an outdated system already. Here are my top 3 reasons why I won’t be purchasing this camera:

  1. We can’t utilize the RF lenses, as I’ve mentioned above.
  2. Powerful upgrade for cinematographers, but not so much for photographers.
  3. Form factor: durable, but heavy and bulky which is becoming a thing of the past.

Now that you’ve heard my thoughts and reasoning behind my lack of excitement for this new camera, what are yours? Leave them down in the comments below! See more of the Canon 1DX Mark III on B&H to view other specs and capabilities.