As we turn the corner of a full month of self-isolation, I think it’s safe to say that most of us photographers have still managed to find a way to use this time to exercise our creativity. From ingenious self-portraits to artistic photo challenges, our community is filled with inspiration and innovation during a time where we need it now more than over. Due to the global pandemic of COVID-19, photographers have been forced to call off sessions, weddings, and events to stay home and protect others from the spread of the disease. SLR Lounge Educational Ambassador Jason Vinson found a way to utilize his creative lighting techniques with Barbie and Ken for a ridiculously innovative couples shoot.

Barbie & Ken Photoshoot, With A Twist

While we have featured doll photoshoots in the past, we love Jason’s use of off-camera lighting and light shaping within this photoshoot because it proves that no matter what the circumstance, you can still practice and implement off-camera lighting. In a time like this, where we are desperately looking for an excuse to shoot and hone our skills, it was a much-needed spotlight of inspiration.

Photoshoot Gear

“The key with this shoot was that I wanted to treat it like a normal shoot. This meant I had to break out my lights, modifiers, and all my lenses.” Jason used his Sony a924mm35mm, and 85mm lenses, a Stella CLX8 and MagMod modifiers. Check out his photos and BTS below:

1 jason vinson barbie ken“I used some sunlight coming through our bedroom window to create this shot. I loved the lines the window shades created, and because the dolls are much smaller than real people, I thought these lines would add a unique graphic element. So, I set the dolls up against the wall, set my camera exposure for the highlights, and then asked the couple to hold hands and stare off into the sun.”

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2 jason vinson barbie ken“Walking around, I noticed how the sun was shining through the leaves of a tree in our front yard. So, I framed the couple in a gap between some of the branches. Then suddenly, one of my neighbors walking their dog came by, and I realized just how ridiculous I probably looked. But at this point, I was too deep into the fantasy, so I simply waved hello and continued to set my light up with a full CTO gel to backlight the couple. But I made sure the light was coming in at a bit of an angle so that it could bounce around them a bit and fill on their faces.”

3 jason vinson barbie ken“I wanted to create a nice backlit portrait. So, I framed the couple against a dark wall and then placed my Stella CLX8 with a MagMod CTO gel behind them. I then posed them in a way so that there would be a nice rim-light on the guy. Then, that same light would bounce off the guy’s face and give Barbie a nice soft light on her face.”

Check out the full gallery below:

You can see more of Jason’s work on his Website and Instagram. If you are interested in exercising your creative muscles, check out these 5 photos you can take right now!