One of our second shooters recently introduced me to using “Ball Bungee Cords” during photo shoots to help hold up flash stands. Ever since, I’ve been using them whenever possible, so I wanted to write up this quick article to pass along this helpful tip to our readers.

Ball Bungee Cords From Amazon

What are Ball bungee cords?

Ball bungee cords, also known as tarp cords or tarp ball ties, are a type of elastic cord used to secure and fasten various objects together. They are specifically designed with a loop at one end and a plastic or metal ball at the other end. The looped end can be easily attached to an anchor point, while the ball end can be inserted through a grommet or tied around an object to create a secure connection.

Ball bungee cords are available in different lengths and thicknesses to accommodate various needs. They are generally made from durable elastic materials and come in a range of colors. When using ball bungee cords, it is important to ensure they are appropriately sized for the task at hand and are securely fastened to prevent accidents or damage.

Why Ball Bungee Cords are Useful For Photoshoots

With hundreds of shoots per year, my flash stands are used until they are pretty much on their last wobbly leg before I replace them. So having these bungees is a great way to protect my off camera flashes from a hard fall.

Besides helping to protect against potential damage, they also help protect against mishaps from flash stands falling over on guests at events. And at only $9 for a set of 25, they’re a must-have for those “just-in-case” moments.

How to Use Ball Bungees in Photography

Here’s how they work. If you’re lucky enough to have a poll at your wedding, collapse the legs of your flash stand and wrap the bungee around the poll along with the flash stand. Secure the bungee by inserting the ball through the loop of the bungee. This is the method you see below in our Instagram video. If you’d like to ditch your flash stand completely, remove the top part of your flash stand and loop the bungee around the entire unit.

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Sample Images from Setup with the Help of Ball Bungee Cords

Here are few samples of the quality of light from this lighting setup. You can see that a the angled light really helps provide nice, flattering light for your subjects.  Without the Ball Bungee Cords, these photos would have been difficult to achieve, as the flash stands would have been too unstable.


0841-MC-Tivoli-Terrace-Laguna-Beach-Wedding-PhotographyAll images post produced using the Lightroom Presets v6 and Copyright Lin and Jirsa.

Where to Purchase Ball Bungee Cords

You can find these at Walmart, Target, or even Home Depot for around the same price. I buy mine on Amazon here for $9 for a set of 25.

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