By now there is no doubt that you have heard the term “content creator”, or of course, “influencer” or “YouTuber”. These are not just creative outlets, but actual jobs! To support so much content creation with original, high-quality visuals, many options have arisen in recent years. This is where Artlist Max comes in, with one of the most comprehensive content bundles we have seen to date.

In this article, we will give a brief outline of what Artlist Max has to offer, who it is made for, and of course, how much it will cost!

Basically, Artlist Max is the culmination of what Artlist has been working on since it began in 2016. It offers licensing for music (Artlist), stock footage (Artgrid), digital assets (Motion Array) and even visual effects (fxhome) resources and software. Simply put, you get everything they have to offer, from content resources to integrated editing software, all in one place, under one subscription.

What’s Included In Artlist Max

The new Artlist Max platform offers its full array of content resources through four different levels of subscription, with even more flexibility in certain plans.

Whether you are an individual who is making content purely for your own personal creative outlet, or you are a full-time content-production team that gets paid to create content, (even for other outlets) …there is going to be an option for you. So, let’s dive in!

Max Social ($29.99/mo)

Artlist Max content production tool 02

The Max Social account is meant for content creators who are keeping things simple and producing content for their own personal accounts, such as Youtube, Instagram, etc. (You can use your own personal social channels to make money, too, but you can’t sell/resell your content to other content creators or media outlets, etc. (For that, you’ll need the Max Pro Plan; see below!)

This service is perfect for the innumerable content creators out there who are simply documenting their everyday lives, or their big adventures, and it’s their passion to create a beautiful finished product that includes music, sounds, B-roll, effects, etc.

Artlist Max content production tool 07

One of the most important aspects of the Artlist Max service is the editing software, Hitfilm Creator. Artlist bought the software company FXhome, and now the Hitfilm software offers an impressive array of editing tools and templates. Plus, of course, it integrates with your other creative resources in Artlist Max.

Max Pro ($39.99/mo)

Artlist Max content production tool 05

Max Pro is a service that allows you to create content that you can also deliver to your own clients. This includes many successful business models, from social media influencers licensing their content to brand names, television broadcasting, or other commercial work.

It also applies to artistic work such as wedding videography, where you again are delivering a final product to a paying client. For the price of $39.99/month, it’s once again an excellent value considering how comprehensive Artlist’s offerings are.

Additionally, for creators who want un-graded, RAW or LOG footage, there is a Max Pro upgrade for an additional $19.92/mo.

Also, the included editing software is upgraded to Hitfilm Pro, which adds tools for 3D and VFX work.

Artlist Max Teams (from $68/mo)

Artlist Max content production tool 03For any content creator who has a whole team working with them, sometimes one account is just not practical. For these bigger content production groups, the Max Teams subscription is the way to go. With pricing starting at $68/month, it’s a jump up from Max Pro, but it’s still a good value considering that it offers 2-7 accounts, with the ability to add or remove team members. Other than that, it offers what Max Pro offers.

As a solo content creator, you may never need to think about having a whole team of people helping you film, edit, and produce different types of content for your channel or platform. However, it’s encouraging to know that if you ever need to expand, it will be a seamless experience.

Artlist Max Enterprise (custom pricing)

The Max Enterprise subscription is designed for larger companies with more than 100 team members. It includes all of the services of Max Pro, as well as customizable licenses/terms and premium customer service with dedicated curation.

Artlist Max | Get Everything All In One Place

Artlist Max content production tool 04

These Artlist Max subscription options are similar to the existing Artlist pricing tiers in terms of what they offer, with content licenses that are copyright-free and monetization friendly. (Anyone who has ever uploaded a video to Youtube with audio or video that isn’t monetization friendly will know what a huge pain this can be!)

There are a lot of websites out there with services and resources for content creators. It’s no surprise because content sharing is exploding in popularity, both as a personal creative passion and as a part-time or full-time career.

It can get frustrating, however, to have to keep track of increasing numbers of expenses, once the “fun” part (buying a new camera or lens) is over. Editing software, music, sound effects, special effects, content templates, etc. It can add up quickly. For this reason, we’re definitely interested in checking out what

Who Is Artlist Max Made It For?

Artlist Max content production tool 06

This service sounds perfect for all types of artists who create content in general, whether beginners or full-time professionals.

Maybe you’re an influencer who creates daily vlog content, and you want sound effects and music to put in the background of your videos, plus a few special effects here and there.

Maybe you’re creating polished, cinematic video content and you need a vast array of B-roll, music, and advanced editing tools.

Of course, if you are “keeping it simple” now, and only creating content for your own channel, that’s fantastic, however, if your content gets noticed by a large media company, you might be asked to commercially license your final product for them to circulate!

Or, as we mentioned earlier, maybe you create wedding films or do commercial work such as advertising. Your needs will be for quality music and other tools or effects to create a final product for a paying client.