In a digital age dominated by pixels and screens, there’s something undeniably charming and nostalgic about holding a Polaroid picture in your hands, capturing a moment in time that develops right before your eyes. Whether you’re an avid photographer or just beginning to explore the realm of instant film, we’re here to ignite your creativity and inspire your next photographic adventure. In this article, we’ll be taking you on a journey through 9 delightful Instant camera and Polaroid picture ideas that are sure to add a touch of magic to your photo collection.

Instant cameras have had a major comeback due to this demand of instantaneous satisfaction, seen through the on-going popularity of FujiFilm Instax Cameras and the highly anticipated Leica Sofort making its way to consumers this year. The Cooperative of Photography (COOPH) teamed up with Lisa Kutzelnig, who had a chance to use the new Leica Sofort, to show us a couple of fun & creative tips & tricks to take your instant photography game up a notch.

1. Panorama

polaroid picture ideas

Just like the panorama function on your mobile device, start by taking a shot on your instant camera then panning left or right to reveal the entire scene.  This is one of the easier Polaroid picture ideas because you’re simply standing in a single spot and taking a multiple photos, moving the frame in between each photo.

2. Panorama Sequence


Take the panoramic idea a step further by creating a sequence of Polaroid images that can be displayed side by side. This technique allows you to tell a visual story through a series of connected snapshots, giving viewers a sense of immersion in the scene. This Polaroid picture idea is a fun way to capture multiple expressions, or multiple angles of a single subject.

3. Pantone Wall


polaroid picture idea instant

Use colored gels to create a sequence of images and place them side by side to make a Pantone themed wall.

You can also find a colorful wall, preferably one with a range of shades, and use it as your canvas. Place small props or even yourself against the wall and snap a Polaroid. The juxtaposition of vibrant colors and the real-world subject creates an eye-catching and playful image.

4. Old-School Hyperlapse

creative polaroid picture ideas

Or take an image and then walk a couple of steps and take another. Repeat this process on a casual stroll and you’ll have a make-shift hyperlapse out of prints!

You can also capture the passage of time with an old-school hyperlapse. Choose a stationary object as your subject, like a blooming flower or a setting sun, and take a photo of it every few minutes or hours. Once you’ve finished, arrange the photos in a sequence, and you’ll have a charming hyperlapse that shows the world changing over time.

5. Double Exposure


The Sofort has a double exposure function built-in to the camera making it easy to create double exposures at any time. Simply find a texture or object to use as the first exposure and then take a self portrait for the second exposure.

6. Double-exposure Ghosting


Using the same function, take an image of the same subject and overlap it with a tighter composition or a different angle to create a ghosting effect.

7. Mirror Kaleidoscope


Take three small rectangular mirrors and tape them together to make a pyramid kaleidoscope. Similar to how you use a prism in front of your DSLR lens, place the kaleidoscope in front of the lens to create interesting reflections and light flares.

8. Polaroid Collage


Make your way around a subject or scene essentially stitching together the entire picture with tiny fractions of image.

9. 3D Cutout


For a playful and interactive photo, create a 3D cutout. Take a picture of a subject against a plain background, then carefully cut around the subject leaving a small tab at the bottom. Fold the tab backward, and when you look through the photo from the front, your subject will pop out in a three-dimensional effect.


Unleash your imagination and allow these Polaroid picture ideas to ignite your passion for photography in a whole new way. Whether you’re capturing the world around you or creating dreamlike compositions, the charm of Polaroid never fails to amaze. So, grab your camera, load up some film, and let’s embark on this visual journey together.

If you’re interested, you can purchase a Leica Sofort here.