The bond between a bride and her bridesmaids is one of the most important things for a wedding photographer to capture on the wedding day. A surefire way to get pictures your bride will love is to catch her loving interactions with some of her closest friends and family. Take a look at our list of favorite bridesmaid poses to get some great ideas on how to get some fun and memorable images.

Important Note: These are simply some fun overviews of our favorite poses. Our actual, complete guide to wedding photography DVDs is in our Photographing the Bride Workshop!

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Bridesmaid Pose 1 | The “Helping Hands”

  • Position Bridesmaids Around Bride
  • Stage Each Bridesmaid to “Help” with Something
  • Have Them “Smile as They Work”
  • Consider Shooting Against the Light


Bridesmaid Pose 2 | The “Kissy Face”

  • Place Bride In The Middle
  • Have Bridesmaids Surround Her
  • Have Bridesmaids Squeeze in Close
  • Have Them Blow Kisses Towards the Bride


Bridesmaid Pose 3 | The “Bouquet Face”

  • Place Them All in Straight Row
  • Have Them Hold Bouquets Up To Face
  • Mix and Match for Funny GIFs


Bridesmaid Pose 4 | The “Pillow Fight!”

  • Have All Bridesmaids Stand on Bed
  • Give Them Pillows
  • Have Them Pretend to Pillow Fight
  • Do NOT Have Them Actually Swing


Bridesmaid Pose 5 | The Look and Smile

  • Line Up Your Bridesmaids
  • Instruct Them to Look at Each Other and Smile
  • Consider Jokes and Other Posing Cues to Get Laughs
  • Stay Ready for The “In Between” Shots


Bridesmaid Pose 6 | The “Bouquets Up”

  • Place Bridesmaids Around Bride
  • Have Them Raise Their Bouquets Up
  • Or Have Them Stack the Bouquets in the Middle


Bridesmaid Pose 7 | The “Casual Walk”

  • Have Them Get in Straight Line
  • Have Them Walk Towards You
  • Have Them Look at Each Other
  • Repeat Until You Have a Perfect Shot


Bridesmaid Pose 8 | The “Silly Pose”

  • Have Each Bridesmaid Do Something Silly
  • Consider Giving Each Bridesmaid A Prop
  • Have Them Interact with Prop And Each Other



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