The long rumored, almost mythical some would say, Canon 7D replacement has another chapter in what is becoming a really long story. According to a new report over on Canon Watch, the fabled 7D replacement, which I will call the 7D Mk II – but will likely have a new naming scheme all together – will be out in the wild at the World Cup in Brazil this summer.


The report cites a source “known to them,” meaning someone who has given them credible intel in the past, who says that prototypes of the new camera will be available to select photographers at the world’s largest sporting event this summer.

Then, following its trial by fire on the world’s biggest stage, assuming all goes well, the new 7D Mark II is expected to be officially announced in September at Photokina. If that is in fact what happens, that would make it 5 years to the month since the original 7D was unveiled in 2009. Talk about a long wait.

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I have personally been putting off buying a new sports camera, mainly because of how old the Canon 7D is getting and how expensive the 1D series is. Based on the rumored specs of this new 7D replacement, it seems like something worth waiting  for – if it does come.  I am more than happy with the performance I am getting out of my very-non-sports camera, the Canon 6D, so I eagerly anticipate a new 7D.

What do you think of these Canon 7D replacement rumors? Will we finally see the long rumored camera this Fall or will this just go down as yet another opportunity wasted by Canon? Leave a comment below to discuss.