I don’t know about you, but the holidays have snuck up on me yet again! Every year, I promise myself that I will not wait until the last minute to purchase all my gifts for the holidays, and again this year, I have failed to get my shopping done early. Finding that perfect gift for the photographers in your life can be tough. It’s not that we don’t want anything, but more so that the things we want are expensive! What are you to do when you have no idea what to buy the photographers in your life? Go the DIY route!


In the video below, our friends over at COOPH share six easy DIY photography gifts sure to please all the photographers in your life.


I have to say I found the gift ideas COOPH shows off in the video to be fun, creative, and relatively inexpensive. I don’t know many photographers who are not DIY aficionados. We love creating DIY light modifiers, backdrops, and really any photography tool we can imagine, so naturally, we would love a DIY holiday gift.

I loved the wooden print gift. I have seen prints done on wood before and always thought they would make a cool gift, but they can be expensive. COOPH shows us that you can create your own wood prints with a laserjet printer on normal paper and simply use a household iron to transfer the print onto wood! I also loved the print melted onto a candle using again a laserjet print on normal paper, some wax paper and hair dryer.



Since so many photographers are DIY type people, we can use the tips in the video to make awesome handmade gifts for our friends and family that they will surely love. If you are really strapped for holiday gift ideas for the photographer in your life, swing by the SLR Lounge Store. Check out our Lightroom Presets V6 and video tutorials such as Photography 101. They will make the perfect holiday gifts. Happy holidays and best of luck to all of you still shopping with the last minute crowd, like I am!

Via: COOPH Youtube page

Images via screen grab.