Our August Awards submission period closed at the end of last month and we faced some difficult decisions in choosing our group of winners in the Wedding Portraiture & Wedding Photojournalism categories. If you didn’t receive an award, don’t give up! We choose winners every month so keep submitting for your chance to win in September!

We also just introduced a new category for Awards: Landscapes/Cityscapes! Submissions for this category are now open – submit here!

To familiarize yourself with the scoring and selection of our winners please visit the Awards Instructions page.  The winners are determined by a combination of community scoring and panel scoring.  The panel consists of photographers from the creators of SLR Lounge, Lin and Jirsa Photography, along with other professional photographers/SLR Lounge editors.

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Wedding Portraiture Category

Apex Winners

Steven Herrschaft –  Website

David Hofman – Website

Muhammad Wahyudi –  Website

Donatas UFO –  Website

Vedy Wirawan –  Website

Maciek Januszewzki – Website

Lajarna Aravinth –  Website

Patryk Bruliński – Website

Summit Winners

Ori Carmi –  Website

Martynas Ozolas – Website

Lajarna Aravinth –  Website

Ryan Eda –  Website

Jesse La Plante –  Website

Daniel L Meyer –  Website

Alexsandra Wiciel –  Website

Victor Duduca –  Website

Scott Josuweit –  Website

Anmol Vig –  Website

Gowreesan Pack –  Website

Evelina Dzienaite –  Website

Adrian Ilea – SLRL Profile

Landon Wise – Website

Ori Carmi –  Website

Ascent Winners

Colin Coleman –  Website

Alexsandra Wiciel –  Website

Oyonds- SLRL Profile

Alvin Fauzie –  Website

Emilija Juškovė –  Website

Dave Shay –  Website

Wedding photojournalism Category

Apex Winners

Annuj Yoganathan –  Website

Devin Robinson –  Website

Zach Blum – SLRL Profile | Website

Ruan Redelinghuys – SLRL Profile | Website

Jared Gant – SLRL Profile | Website | Wedding Maps Profile

Sabina Mladin – SLRL Profile | Website

Lissette Suarez – SLRL Profile | Website

Lubomir Jiponov – SLRL Profile | Website

Summit Winners

Robby Lesmana – SLRL Profile

Thomas Tanusantoso – SLRL Profile | Website

Lesmana – SLRL Profile

Storage Photography – SLRL Profile

Stefan Czajkowski – SLRL Profile | Website

Aaron Storry – SLRL Profile | Website

Manish Patel – SLRL Profile | Website

Ascent Winners

Anmol Vig – SLRL Profile | Website

Alan Wohlgemut – SLRL Profile | Website

Christi Chambers – SLRL Profile | Website

Samuel Lonawijaya – SLRL Profile | Website

Christi Chambers – SLRL Profile | Website

Vlad Pahonţu – SLRL Profile | Website

Yoga Praditya – SLRL Profile

Ram Karan Devaraj – SLRL Profile | Website

SLR Lounge Premium members receive 3 submissions per month while SLR Lounge users receive one submission so make sure to use them before the month ends!

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