There are rumors, and then there are wild rumors. The following falls into the latter category, and as such, needs hefty amounts of saltiness. That said, it’s so wild, it may just be true…


You may have heard that Nikon was possibly be looking to enter the Medium Format market with an offering of their own based on Sony’s new 50mp CMOS MF sensor. The rumor comes from Mirrorless Rumors, via a source that he says is trusted – meaning has delivered true info in the past – that said he heard of a Nikon MF camera in the works with a potential announcement at Photokina THIS YEAR.

I am not sure about you, but this seems like one of those rumors that is so crazy, it just might be true. I mean Nikon has sort of lost their minds lately, so maybe they really went nuts and think that Medium Format is how they are going to start making some money again…

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That said, it would be interesting to see what Nikon could do in the Medium Format space. It’s an interesting market right now because everyone is literally using the same exact Sony sensor, meaning the only differences are in the features, design, and how the company processes the images from that sensor. Nikon already as a ton of experience drawing the most out of Sony sensors. I am curious to see if they could get that “Nikon Look” out of the Medium Format sensor.

Regardless, Photokina is already shaping up to be a doozy this year, this would only add to the pandemonium. September can’t get here soon enough!


So what do you think about this MF Nikon business? A MF camera would mean MF lenses – does Nikon have the chops to pull that off? Leave a comment below!

via Mirrorless Rumors