What would happen if you gathered up 8 industry leading photographers into one room and then threw them into a bunch of lighting & portrait challenges?  Well MagMod has definitely found out in their latest video!

Trevor Dayley gathered up these photographers, (Including SLR Lounge’s own Pye Jirsa), and arranged a photo-challenge day giving each team just 10 minutes to plan and create their images for each challenge. Using their creative minds they grabbed up the various MagMod challenge related modifiers to create some pretty unique and inspiring images you have to see to believe! You can follow along with the teams as they brainstorm and plan out their images, make adjustments, and then bring it all together in the end for something epic….oh and you can also enjoy some of the “trash talk” between the Photogs in the BTS portions of the video as well. So without any more rambling, let’s dive into the video below.

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Here’s a Breakdown on the Timestamps for Each Challenge and the Gear Used by the Teams

1:09 – First Challenge “You Gellin’?”

8:20 – Second Challenge “Just Snoot Me”

15:45 – Final Challenge “Stay Focused”

21:07 – Winner Announcement! 

So what did you think of the video? Did it give you any new ideas on how to create some fun and unique images? Did this make you want to play with colors more in your image? Let us know what you think in the comments below. If you’d like to see more of the images from each challenge and read up on some additional details, be sure to check the official MagMod Blog Here.

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