When people talk about vintage or cross-processing, they usually think of natural light, bright warm sun, and that style of processing.  But can you apply vintage fades or cross-processing to an image made in cold, dark conditions using wireless flash?  Sure you can!


Watch The Video Tutorial

The Original Image

slr-lounge-lightroom-presets-cool-cross-processing-4Nikon D700, Nikon 24-70mm f/2.8 G @ 24mm
1/20 sec. @ f/2.8 & ISO 3200
2x Nikon SB80DXRadioPopper JRX wireless flash,

The original image was created using two bare wireless flashes, and a relatively slow shutter speed in order to “soak up” (pun intended?) as much ambient light as possible.

The flash that was placed behind the couple was a bare flash, with the zoom head set to 105mm, while the flash to the right of my camera (also zoomed to 105mm) had a CTO warming gel on it so that my white balance could match the ambient light a little better.

The water you see splashing in the image is not water on my lens, of course, I actually kept the camera a (relatively) safe distance

The Final Images

slr-lounge-lightroom-presets-cool-cross-processing-2 slr-lounge-lightroom-presets-cool-cross-processing-3

I feel like both the faded version (top) and the more punchy, slightly cross-processed version (bottom) both look pretty neat, so I would definitely deliver them both to a client.

The presets used on both images were: a -1 exposure bump, and an HDR-effect creating preset designed for images with skin tone.  (As opposed to an image without skin tones, which can handle a little more positive clarity and vibrance.) In the video you can get a general idea of what the preset is doing to the image, mainly seen in this screenshot of the Basic Panel:

Lightroom Processing Screenshot

The exact SLR Lounge preset used was: “BASE – SOFT > HDR MAX (Skin Desat)”

The bright, faded image was created using an additional preset to control the RGB curves only: “CURVES – COOL > BRIGHT WASH (Violet)”

The punchy, vintage image was created using an additional preset to control the RGB curves only: “CURVES – COOL > VINTAGE PUNCH (Violet)”

I also added a slight post-crop vignette, a minor crop, and I stamped out a couple spots that were in the “bokeh dots” of the image.

As always, please feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions or additional tips!

Take care and happy clicking,
=Matthew Saville=

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