If you’ve ever struggled to capture product photography shots of highly reflective objects, like jewelry, electronics, etc., you know how difficult it can be to control the reflections and get clean shots. Luckily, thanks to an innovative new light modifier from V-Flat World and renowned, high end product photographer Karl Taylor, this is no longer an issue for small to medium sized products. Taylor and V-Flat World recently announced the new Light Cone, a specialized light modifier available in three different sizes that offers 360 degrees of light diffusion. This is great news for product photographers, including those working in e-commerce and catalog photography.

Check out the announcement video below.

V-Flat World and Karl Taylor Light Cone Video

Here’s a quick overview of some of the highlights from the video above:

Easy to Use

Karl Taylor V Flat World New Light Cone Assembly

Getting clean product photography shots with the new Light Cone is as easy as placing the cone over the product on the background of your choice. Most of the examples in the video use a white, acrylic-based surface, but you can use any number of surface boards in whatever color or texture you like.

To set up the cone, simply button together the snap closures. The Light Cone lays flat when not in use to make storing and traveling with it convenient and simple.

Multiple Sizes

Karl Taylor V Flat World New Light Cone Sizes

The cone comes in three sizes to accommodate a range of products. Larger objects, like a tea kettle, hair dryer, or similarly sized products fit neatly under the large cone, while the medium size cone works well with items the size of shampoo bottles, cups, and so on. The smallest size, dubbed the “Phone Cone,” was designed especially for use with smartphone cameras, and it’s great for photographing rings or other bits of jewelry, cosmetics, and the like.

Karl Taylor V Flat World New Light Cone Phone

Taylor suggests using a 35mm focal length (on a full-frame camera) to photograph larger objects in the largest cone. He points to a 50mm focal length for the midsize products and a 100mm focal length for small objects in the medium cone. Of course, zoom lenses can cover the full range for both the large and medium cones. Finally, you should expect to use a smartphone for the smallest cone size.

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Specialized Light Cone Diffusion Material

Karl Taylor V Flat World New Light Cone diffusion quality

While the obvious first reaction will likely be to compare it to a dog’s cone of shame, due to their similar appearance, a dog collar will not perform the same way. The product material makes all the difference. The Light Cone is built using the “correct optical density for perfect surface gradations.” You’re welcome to test pet cones, but the results will speak for themselves. I recommend taking our advice and trusting Karl Taylor’s design.

Works with a Variety of Light Sources

Karl Taylor V Flat World light sources

You can experiment with a number of lighting setups when using the cone. It works beautifully with both natural light and multi-light setups, using studio lights, LED, speedlights, or even desk lamps. The material used to make the cone is rigid and heat resistant, so it can stand up to warmer light sources. Also, the funnel shape of the cone minimizes light spill and helps evenly distribute the light within the cone for professional results.

Light Cone Tutorials

Karl Taylor V Flat World Tutorials

In case you’re wondering where to start with the cone, you can find a number of video tutorials for different use scenarios, including how to position your product, use continuous light vs flash, understand gradients, and more. The videos are short and packed with helpful information that you can put to use right away.

Product Shot comparisons
Before and after examples of product shots using the new V-Flat World and Karl Taylor Light Cone

For the incredible results that these modifiers produce, they’re modestly priced at $34.95-$69.95, with a special discount if you purchase the full set of three. Check out V-Flat World’s site for more information on the new Light Cone from V-Flat World and Karl Taylor.