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Ultimate Engagement Photography Guide | Free Ebook

By Christopher Lin on April 7th 2015

At SLR Lounge, we’re all about providing great resources for our photography community. Currently, we are hard at work on a few new workshops, including a Wedding Photography Workshop, Lighting 201 (Off Camera Flash), Fitness Photography 101 and a few others. We’ve just released Photography 101 and Lighting 101; Be sure to check in our store for the latest! In the meantime, we will continue releasing free resources like this one.

Download It Here!

Book 1 | Planning and Preparation

  • Learn how to give your clients guidance on props, wardrobe, and makeup.
  • Learn how to plan for your engagement session by creating a client mood board.
  • Learn how to help your clients choose their locations.
  • Learn other ways to plan for a fun, complete engagement session.

Here are a few sample slides from Book 1:



Book 2 | Gear, Lighting and Settings

  • Learn the lenses, camera gear, and lighting equipment recommended.
  • Learn basic camera settings and suggestions for creating more consistency.
  • Learn various lighting techniques using only a 5 in 1 reflector.

Here are a few sample slides from Book 2:



Book 3 | Posing and Shooting

  • Learn how to create hundreds of poses from 4 foundation poses.
  • Learn how to create a variety of looks and feels using different poses and crops.
  • Follow us through a live shoot to see how we pose and compose in different situations.

Here are a few sample slides from Book 3:engagement-photography-poses


Get It Now:

See our full list of downloads here. Also, be sure to check out the SLR Lounge Store for the best, most complete photography education on the market!

Co-Founder of SLR Lounge and Photographer with Lin and Jirsa Photography, I’m based in Southern California but you can find me traveling the world. Click here to connect on Google +

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