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8 Tips For Photographing Children Underwater | Alix Martinez

By Hanssie on March 25th 2015

Photographing children takes a special talent and a lot of energy. The children’s photographers I know are all very patient, very cheerful and very energetic at all times and when dealing with little ones, you need an abundance of all three.

Photographer Alix Martinez, a fine art children’s photographer from Connecticut, adds in another challenging element when photographing children – water. We’ve featured Alix’s fun children’s underwater sports portraits in this article here and this time, she is back with her beautiful and graceful underwater ballerina series. Alix also offers some tips for those of you looking to expand your children’s portraits to another level – below sea level, that is.

In her “Little Underwater Dancers” series, Alix’s models were girls aged 5-15 who loved to dance, loved to practice dance and were strong swimmers. Alix says, “I love photographing underwater with the children as the theme and personalities really shine through with a fine art feel. I print these images for clients up to 5 feet for their walls.



After photographing children for over two years now, Alix has some tips to share if you are considering trying it out.

1. Have Someone In The Water With You At All Times

Photographing children can be tricky, and underwater even more challenging. As safety comes first, you should always have someone in the water with you or next to the children at all times.



2. Make Sure the Costumes Are Lightweight

 These costumes you s