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24 Oct 2021

radio trigger

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Phottix Announces New Strato TTL Speedlight Triggers

Hot on the heals of our review of the Phottix Strato II speedlight triggers Phottix has announced the latest edition to their Strato triggering family, the Strato TTL. As you may have guessed from the name, the Strato TTL is a TTL compatible speedlight trigger that is also compatible with the rest of the Strato Triggers (meaning that yes it will work with the Strato II triggers that we reviewed).


Yongnuo Says New RF-603 II Coming Soon

Budget photography accessory manufacturer Yongnuo revealed today that an update to their wildly popular RF-603 radio triggers can be expected to be released later this month. This is great news for fans of the low budget triggers, who have gained popularity due to their reliability and price vs more expensive options such as radio poppers and pocket wizards.

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Gear Review: Why We Love the Pocket Wizard Plus III

Today we are reviewing the new Pocket Wizard Plus III. Not only did Pocket Wizard introduce a handful of improvements, but they also lowered the cost of the trigger from $179 to $139.

The improvements include an integrated antenna, LCD display with battery indicator, grouping function, 32 channels, and a stronger shoe.

There have not been any issues with any of our Plus IIIs. This is why we are big fans of Pocket Wizard. They make good, reliable triggers.