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Tips & Tricks
There are many concepts in photography that are difficult to wrap your head around, and one that can be especially challenging for someone new to...
Gear & Apps
DSLR video is more prevalent than ever as we sit mere days away from 2017 and as such, more still photographers are coming into contact with a...
Gear & Apps
Cine lenses are vastly different than regular photography lenses, and knowing how they work is something we all should have a grasp of
Open-Closed-Aperture by SLR Lounge
Tips & Tricks
Matt Granger explores just how fast a lens is possible, in theory, and then commentary on the implications for function and practicality.
Insights & Thoughts
We all know what f stops are and what they mean, but do you really understand the math behind it all? I thought I had a pretty good understanding...
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