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B&H Launches the Payboo card to help you save the tax
News & Insight
Lets face it, nobody likes to pay sales tax. Fortunately, B&H has a solution! Today, the team at B&H introduced the Payboo card. This new...
News & Insight
For some time now, Sony has been laying the foundation upon which to build it’s imaging empire. One of the most crucial weight-bearing aspects of...
Tips & Tricks
Make it your goal to amaze and impress your clients and their guest throughout the wedding day, so that they rave about you long after the day is...
Tips & Tricks
Providing good customer service should be a pillar of your photography business if you want it to succeed. Find out what makes good customer...
Time Out With Tanya
Good customer service is key in our industry. But sometimes it's hard to say no, even to ridiculous requests clients make. Here's my arsenal of...
Tips & Tricks
I live by the creed of “under-promising and over-delivering." To accomplish this, you must have a very firm grasp on how you are able to deliver...
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