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Gear & Apps
Once more, using the iPad to kill the Cintiq
Gear & Apps
With the relentless forward march of ‘progress’ comes the unrelenting shifts in industries, and the ever-changing landscape of...
Two years ago Duet popped up like a bogey on my radar, and a full year later I engaged with it, and haven’t looked back since. Those who play in...
Gear & Apps
Apple's New iPad Pro may challenge you to think of anything better for your next purchase, a true jack of all trades.
Gear & Apps
Mobile photo retouching has been as useful as a watered down shot, but Adobe is hoping to change that really soon, and Astropad is giving an...
Gear & Apps
If you have an iPad and want a portable graphic tablet solution and don't have one, this is probably going to be your next purchase.
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