Sue Bryce is in the business of making women look and feel beautiful. Her name has become synonymous with natural light and modern glamour portraiture. Having changed the world of glamour photography and redefined its essence, Sue is one of the most in-demand educators in the industry. She has taught numerous classes on CreativeLive and presented at many tradeshows as a Canon brand ambassador.

Sue’s entire career was built around the foundation of manipulating natural light in the studio, and her goal after incorporating strobes was to recreate natural light at he will. To do this she relied on the Profoto B1, and you can get a taste of her set-ups in this video.

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Sue uses the Profoto lights as a way of replicating the natural light that she has mastered throughout her career. By outfitting the B1’s with the Profoto Umbrella Silver XL and a diffuser, she has found a way to manipulate the light in such a way that mimics large window light and is able to stay true to her signature style of shooting wide open. The challenge is learning to see studio lighting in the way that you see natural light and taking the time to master it.

Sue demonstrates to natural light portrait photographers everywhere that they are no longer confined to a window and the hours of available light. This lifts all of the limitations. Being able to manipulate artificial light in this way paves a path of shooting possibilities that can be achieved anywhere. One of the best things that life has to offer is the ability to learn something new. Sue has found a new love of photography by learning studio lighting and adding it to her body of work.