The over the shoulder shot is my favorite signature portrait when photographing couples. In this video, I’ll be walking through how you can recreate this look to try on your next photoshoot.

Video: Step-by-Step Guide to Capturing Our Favorite Signature Portrait

Before we jump in, be sure to give Olivia and Tyson a follow on Instagram! I’ll be shooting with the Canon R5 with the RF 28-70mm f/2L lens.

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Find Your Composition

image1 1

For this signature portrait, you’ll need a large directional light. It could be a window, a large door, or in our case, the opening of a cave. We can begin by posing our couple in front of the light. I had Olivia and Tyson standing in front of each other looking slightly down and to their sides.

Captured at 1/320 sec, f/2, ISO 400

Once we lock down the basic composition and our ambient light setting, we can move on to modifying our light.

Modify the Light

signature portrait side lighting
Pivot the entire shot away from the light so the backlight becomes a sidelight.

We can modify the light by turning altogether so that the light is coming in from camera-left. The light will focus on the subject, usually the female in this style of portrait. The male will be in the foreground, helping guide the focus to his partner.

Turn slightly back toward the light to capture the brighter background.

If the background is too dark, the male subject may be hard to see. To emphasize him in the foreground, we pull the angle slightly back toward the cave (or window) opening. The walls will be brighter in the background and help him stand out. Notice the difference.


signature portrait final
Edited with Visual Flow > Mood Presets

The key to modifying the light is to vary the angles until the background and your subjects are properly lit. Focus on your couple’s eye-lines to help guide the viewer through the image and have fun with this incredibly simple but beautiful signature portrait.


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