Every now and then comes along a workflow tool that saves serious time. Not a few minutes here or there, we are talking about hours upon hours. Singular has just that with PluralEyes, a must have workflow tool for indie and professional film makers alike.

Now that even standard modern day DSLRs have the capability to create near Hollywood cinematic quality, we are seeing a huge boom in indie film making. From wedding videos, to shorts, to music videos and so much more. However, as film makers get more advanced in their creations going from 1 camera per scene, to 2 cameras, to 3 cameras and more, synchronzing all of the different camera and audio tracks becomes a major chore taking hours upon hours per job.

That is where PluralEyes comes in. PluralEyes will automatically sync all of your clips in seconds allowing you to get back to cutting and editing and filming without wasting hours syncing your clips.

We began using PluralEyes with the SLR Lounge tutorial videos and we couldn’t be more pleased. It is important to note though that in order to get the best results, you must have a continuous audio track that PluralEyes can use to sync all the movie clips to.

For example, during our shoots, we have each 5D Mark II(usually 2, sometimes 3) rigged with a Rode Shotgun Mic. Then, we have our main audio going from our Wireless Sennheiser EW100 G3 system directly into our Zoom H4n. This main audio track runs continuously throughout our entire shoot so that all of the DSLR clips can be synced to the main audio track without any hiccups.

To see more, checkout our video tutorial below showing you how to use PluralEyes, as well as just how effective and time saving the software can be.

In conclusion, while PluralEyes isn’t the cheapest piece of software at $149, it is by far one of those tools that is an absolute must in your film making toolkit. Photographers, film makers, we all complain about getting out and shooting rather than sitting in front of a computer editing. PluralEyes is a piece of software that will help you do just that. Simply speaking, the amount of time this software can help you save makes the $149 price tag a “no-brainer.”

To purchase PluralEyes go to the Singular Software website.

Review by Post Production Pye
SLR Lounge Senior Editor
Partner of Lin and Jirsa Photography