In a move that should surprise every single one of you, it was announced today that gear rental giant BorrowLenses has been acquired by Shutterfly. The terms and price of the acquisition have not been disclosed other than that BorrowLenses co-founders Max Shevyakov and Mark Gurevich will be joining Shutterfly and will be receiving stocks.

In a statement that they released on the BorrowLenses blog Max and Mark stated “Today we’ve announced that is now part of the Shutterfly, Inc family of brands. While the news is big we’re still the same loyal and devoted team you can rely on for your photo and video gear rental needs. The best is yet to come!”

In case you are an avid follower and customer of BorrowLenses, as many of us photographers are, you may have questions. The bottom line is that – at least for now – everything will be remaining the same. If there are any specific questions that you may have regarding the acquisition you can find out more on a special FAQ page setup by the guys at BorrowLenses.

What This Means For The Future

This is a really interesting acquisition here by Shutterfly, who until this announcement was best know for their consumer printing and products. The interesting thing here is that Shutterfly actually now controls some very interesting brands that covers a wide range of photography related business.

In the immediate future I don’t think much will change. nor should it. But down the line this acquisition opens the doors to some interesting partnership opportunities between BorrowLenses and other Shutterfly brands. What that could look like is a mystery, but the potential is there.

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[via BorrowLenses]