No matter how you look at it, photography is all about light and shadows. The amount of light and it’s direction will determine if your image is flat, dramatic, dynamic, or crazy and unique. It’s a complicated process that can take years to master, and even then you’ll find there are more and more ways to do something new with light for your images. So with that in mind,┬áJT of Run & Gun Photography has just released a couple of quick videos on Lighting Hacks and how to create dramatic lighting that are absolutely great to help you learn some new tricks on a budget to create a dramatic shot!

The first video, 9 Light Hacks in 90 Seconds shows some incredibly cheap, DIY lighting tricks you can use to create different lighting patterns and styles on a budget. There’s no fluff and no filler, just straight and to the point hacks to help you create something different with your shots using some normal objects you have around the house.

The second video dives in a little deeper clocking in at about 9 minutes long. Diving deeper into the details of the 90 second video. JT goes over the basics of dramatic lighting, and how to achieve several quintessential dramatic looks in no time at all. Check out the videos below;

9 Light Hacks in 90 Seconds

Dramatic Portrait Light with 1 Light

So what do you think? Did you see anything here you never thought of before or could try at home? Let us know if you have some additional tricks and ideas in the comments below, and be sure to share your results!