Shortcuts are king when it comes to maximizing your use of Photoshop. Once you build your own signature workflow, the next step should be finding a way to do it faster so you can ultimately do more. Jesus Ramirez from the Photoshop Training Channel has compiled a list of 10 shortcuts that you may not know. If you are in need of a workflow tune-up, this just might be the video for you.

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Shortcut #1 – Restore Selection 

CTRL + Shift + D or () CMD + D + Shift + D

This brings back your last active selection and helps you recreate edits as you add more layers to your image.

Shortcut #2 – Lock Transparent Pixel

Select the “?” key, also the “/“ key and this locks transparent pixels so that when you paint with your brush, you only paint on pixels that are opaque.

Shortcut #3 – Brush Preview v Cross Hair

You can increase or decrease the size of your brush with your bracket keys.

[ = Decrease
] = Increase

However, the “Caps Lock” key will change your brush to a crosshair cursor and you won’t be able to see the preview of your brush.

Shortcut #4 – Transform

CTRL + T or () CMD + T

Transform allows you to see a bird’s eye view of your image, zoom into a portion of your image, and use that zoomed perspective to fill your screen.

The Shortcut to fill the screen with your image is:

CTRL + 0 or () CMD + 0

Shortcut #5 – Toggle the Canvas Color – 5:39

Spacebar + F

Spacebar + F allows you to toggle the canvas color which is the gray area that borders the edges of your image.

To toggle the colors in reverse:
Shift + Spacebar + F

Shortcut #6 – Feather Selection

Shift + F6

This will bring up the feather selection menu where you can adjust your feather radius.

If your function keys are not working for you, you’ll need to activate them.

Apple Menu –  > System Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcut > “Use all F1, F2, etc. keys as standard function keys”

Windows – click here

Shortcut #7 – Spring Loaded Shortcut – “Zoom Tool”

This is a quick way to maintain your selected tool as you zoom into your image to make edits.

Select your tool > Press and Hold ‘Z’ to zoom in > when you release the ‘Z’ key, your previously selected tool will be active.

Shortcut #8 – Spring Loaded Keyboard Shortcut – “Rotate Tool”

As with the Zoom Tool shortcut, this will allow you to rotate your image and maintain your previous selection.

Press and Hold ‘R’ > rotate your image > and release the cursor before your release the ‘R’ key otherwise, you will change your tool selection to the “Rotate Key”

Shortcut #9 – Hide Extras & Step & Repeat Transformation

Hide Extras
Ctrl+ H or () Cmd + H

This shortcut will hide or reveal the guides that intersect your image.

Step & Repeat Transformation
Ctrl + Alt+ Shift+ T or () Cmd + Option + Shift + T

This helps your repeat your transformation on multiple layers quickly.

Shortcut #10 – Cancel Key

This is pretty straightforward, pressing “Esc” will cancel your tool or window selection. This is different from the Ctrl + Z or () Cmd + Z shortcut which returns you to a previous point in your workflow.


Bonus Tip #1 – Remove Hyphenation

Once you add text to a text box on your image press:

Ctrl + Alt + Shift + H or () Cmd + Option + Shift + H

This will remove the hyphens that Photoshop automatically uses in words that reach the border of your text box.

Bonus Tip #2 – Hiding Layers

Alt or () Option

Pressing these keys while selecting a layer will hide all the unselected visible layers

Bonus Tip #3 – Revert

F12 – Allows you to revert the image to its original state. This is helpful if your edits have taken you to a dark dark place and you need to find a lifeline back to the light.

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