The art of storytelling has come a long way over the last few years. With the advances in streaming services, mobile technology, interactive films, video games, and more….well, podcasts have effectively become a substitute for over-the-air broadcast radio & television.

They’ve pretty much closed the gap between local & special interest radio stations or tv-networks like Discovery Channel and NPR, as these “episodes” can dive into nearly any topic you can think of in an insane amount of depth, no matter how obscure! One of the best reasons for this meteoric rise in popularity is because of their availability thanks to the advent of smartphones. You can find and stream these podcasts at home, in the car, download them and listen while in a plane / on your commute, or out in the middle of nowhere with no data-access! Since we have next to no control over what actually plays on the radio or television, podcasts are perfect for the modern consumer.

Where things get overwhelming is the sheer volume of options to choose from. One of the great things about the internet, is anyone can create a podcast. Equally one of the frustrating things about the internet, is _everyone_ can create a podcast! There’s really an overwhelming amount of channels and topics out there to choose from, so to point you in the right direction for some great quality education and entertainment, we’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite Photography Podcasts out there so have a look at this list and see if there’s anything new and exciting to add to your playlists over the coming weeks!

Best Photography Podcasts

In no particular order, here are the best photography podcasts according to our ambassadors and our staff.

Think Stupid Simple

think stupid simpleDescription: Pye Jirsa, world renowned photographer and educator, brings you unabridged, authentic conversations about life with industry leaders from across the globe.This podcast is my research lab. It’s a place where you and I get to have long-form conversations with smart and talented people that have diverse backgrounds and experiences. My goal is to uncover their stupid-simple truths to find knowledge that we can all use to live our best life! There’s no clickbaity titles, no time limits, no underlying agendas. Just authentic and insightful conversations.

Sprouting Photographer

sprouting photographer podcastDescription: Sponsored by Sprout Studio and hosted by the CEO of Sprout Studio, Bryan Caporicci, The Business of Photography – Sprouting Photographer Podcast, is an “iTunes Best of 2014” podcast and has tens of thousands of downloads per month. Rightly so too because it’s all good, useful, and entertaining information. The topics covered range from accounting and bookkeeping to blogging, pricing, and relationship skills.

Recommended by Raph Nogal

Chase Jarvis Show

Chase Jarvis LiveDescription: How can you go wrong with The Chase Jarvis Show? The founder of Creative Live interviews successful creatives and experts and shares his own experience and inspiration.

Recommended by Tanya Goodall Smith

The Profitable Photographer

Profitable PhotographerDescription: In a newer podcast, The Profitable Photographer, Luci Dumas interviews working photographers and shares marketing tips and insights for improving your profitability.

Podcast Recommended by Tanya Goodall Smith

Reframe Success

reframe successDescription: “Christine Tremoulet, an award winning photographer & photography educator, talks with professional wedding & portrait photographers and industry experts each week. She will share with you actionable tips to build a successful photography business – on your terms. Marketing, sales, branding, productivity, social media, building your web presence, and improving client communications are just a few of the many topics that we will cover to help you grow your business.” Recommended by Dave Moss


pro edu podcastDescription: Our podcast mission is to give listeners an inside look at the photo industry. In Season 1 of the PRO EDU podcast, we start things off with some of our favorite people to talk about their lives as an image makers and the struggles that come with it.

Recommended by David J. Crewe

Steve Saporito Education

steve saporitoDescription: “Steve Saporito is a consultant to the Photography Industry. Steve is passionate about understanding people and how they relate to photography.Find the missing pieces of your Photography BusinessCreating a successful business that gives time back to your family Artwork that excites and really matters to relationships that beats the digital file syndrome.”

Recommended by Andy Kauth

This Week in Photography (TWiP)

twip-podcastThis Week in Photography (TWiP) is also a long-running podcast that launched in 2008. Hosted by Frederick Van Johnson and Alex Lindsay (with some notable contributors and guest contributors as well), the podcast has been on the top 100 tech podcast list since its inception and remains one of the most recognized photography podcasts in the industry. Each episode is around an hour or so long and covers the relevant news in the photography industry as well as photography tips and tutorials.

Bearded Tog

bearded togDescription: “Turn your Photography Hobby into a Successful Career with The Bearded Tog podcast! From pricing and marketing yourself to professionalism and acquiring new high-paying clients, all the curtains will be pulled back! Struggling to get the perfect work-life balance as a business-owner? Take a listen and get your business where you want it to be today! Join Washington DC Wedding Photographer Adam Mason as he provides insight to how he started his business, mistakes to avoid, and interviews photographers, entrepreneurs, and dreamers. With every episode, you’ll be able to apply something new to your business AND your personality. This isn’t just for wedding photographers, but for anyone with a passion for entrepreneurship, creativity and building the life you want.”

Recommended by Jason Vinson

Play It Brave

play it brave podcastDescription: “The podcast for brave creatives who live in a world that wants you to play it safe.  It’s time to face facts: You are an indestructible woman fused with super powers that defy convention. Am I right? If so, then this podcast is for you!

In Play It Brave, D’Arcy Benincosa dives in deep to her wit and wisdom to teach you about creative a life full of mindset, money, and marketing miracles! Let’s get started!”

Recommended by Taylor Kinzie


This Is Reportage

this is reportage podcastDescription: Each week we’ll be bringing you exclusive interviews with some of the world’s very best wedding photographers – sharing their backstories, tips, experience and advice.

Recommended by Citlalli Rico

The Epic Podcast

sam hurd the epic podcast

Description: The Epic Podcast is legit, and we heart the heck out of it. Sam Hurd (one of SLR Lounge’s 100 Best Wedding Photographers in the U.S. and Canada) and wedding photographer Nathan Mitchell chat about photography, music, other stuff, and life in general. It’s kind of like you’re just chillin’ with them, chattin’ at a coffee shop.

Busy as a Mother

busy as a mother podcastDescription: “Nikki went from being a burned out social worker to a successful entrepreneur and photographer. Having two small children, two photography studios in two different states, mentoring other photographers, being a great wife, a loyal friend, and throwing some alone time in there to recharge, she’s had to learn to master the balance of work and family life! Her 12 years of experience as a therapist and social worker helped her to develop systems and strategies to create balance in her own life. Now Nikki, along with guests on the show, share these tips and tricks with other women so they can experience the same success in their own lives!”

Recommended by Pye Jirsa

Advancing Your Photography Life

advancing photography podcastDescription: Marc Silber is a photographer, best selling author and filmmaker. For over 12 years he’s been conducting video interviews with remarkable photographers who have mastered their craft, passing along their skills to his viewers. His podcast carries on this tradition with top professional photographers such as Sean Tucker, Chris Burkard, Peter Hurley, Lauren Bath, Bob Holmes, Serge Ramelli and many more. Each episode will advance you toward being a more remarkable photographer.

High ISO

High ISODescription: Rob Hall and Justin Haugen talk about all things photography from current news in photography, gear, and everything that comes with being a working or emerging photographer. Featuring guest spots with people in and around the photography industry.

Seth & Beth – Wedding Photography

268x0wDescription: Seth and Beth share their experiences as professional wedding photographers. From business building to the client experience, they bring a decade worth of knowledge for photographers and engaged couples alike.

Recommended by Pye Jirsa

The History of Photography Podcast

history of photography podcastWe forgot how we happened upon this one, but it’s really cool. You have to like history though because what you get is Jeff Curto’s class lectures from his photography course at College of DuPage (Glen Ellyn, Illinois, USA). Check it out here: The History of Photography Podcast, and here’s a link to the live class sessions: Link. We should also mention that Curto is an Apple Distinguished Educator and leads photography workshops in Italy. It’s kinda crazy it’s for free!

Tips From The Top Floor


One of the oldest photography podcasts out there, Tips From the Top Floor began in 2005 by photographer Chris Marquardt. Each episode varies from 20 minutes to over an hour and covers all areas of photography, giving tips for both beginners and professionals. It has over 500 episodes to date and has won numerous awards. Check out the episodes here or from your favorite podcast app on your phone.

Great Big Photography World Podcast

great big photography podcast

In Great Big Photography World, portrait photographer, Taya Iv, takes you into the world of photography, interviewing with notable photographers in the industry on a variety of important and inspirational topics. They’ll also throw in interviews with cinematographers, community directors, and other visual artists.

“We believe that there’s no limit to inspiration and that it can be found in the unlikeliest of places. This is why we embrace all types of photography and art to provide you with the motivation you deserve.”

We recommend the “Great Big Photography World” podcast if you’re passionate about photography, no matter the level of photography or the genre that you specialize in.

Best Non-Photography Podcasts According to Our Ambassadors


Social Media Marketing

social-media-marketing-podcastThe Social Media Marketing Podcast is “your guide to the social media jungle,” and its host, Michael Stelzner is your tour guide. The show always begins with a cool app or service they’ve found to make your social media life easier and the show is always relevant with experts from the social media world. Plus, Michael’s awesome Aussie accent is fun to listen to, and I learn something new to apply to my own social media plan every episode I hear.

School of Greatness

lewis-howes-podcastLewis Howes is the host and student of The School of Greatness podcast. A few times a week, he interviews a wide-range of great people in various careers – from athletes to entrepreneurs, motivational speakers, musicians, actors, health and wellness professionals, and more. The interviews are inspiring, motivational, and interesting, making this a top-rated personal development podcast. My personal favorite episodes have been Quest Nutrition founder Tom Bilyeu, Fitness and YouTube sensation Cassey Ho, and filmmaker Casey Neistat. Lewis also just came out with his first book, where he gives you eight habits that will lead you to greatness, with action steps. If you’re looking to be inspired by people doing great things, this is the podcast for you.


entreleadership-podcastIf you’re an entrepreneur, this is the podcast for you. With lessons from money guru Dave Ramsey, this podcast is chockful of tips on leadership and business with some of the most brilliant entrepreneurs in the business. Their recent episode with thought leader Seth Godin is a great one on personal growth. The website also offers lessons and articles to help you on your entrepreneur journey. Check it out here.

More Non Photo Podcast Recommendations

We’re sure there are a ton more stations and channels out there that are great, so if you’ve got some suggestions for the list, let us know what podcasts you’d suggest and why in the comments below!