A while back we did a whole rundown on budget flash triggers and we talked about the Yongnuo 622 flash trigger that at that time were only available for canon cameras. Well, the Nikon version of the YN-622 triggers are now out and available for purchase.

These transceivers could probably best be compared to the Pocket Wizard Flex units, but of course are available at a fraction of the cost. For only $99 you are able to get two transceivers, for the price of one Pocket Wizard flex unit you can get 4 of the YN-622’s. So obviously the budget minded photographer is the target market here, but how do the features stack up against the “Industry Standard” Pocket Wizards?


The answer is a lot better than the gear elitists might like you to believe. The YN0622 is a 2.4Ghz wireless flash trigger that supports manual flash, front curtain, rear curtain, high speed sync and Nikon I-TTL. The highest sync speed that this unit can support is 1/8000th, more than enough for most cameras and situations. You can choose from one of 7 channels or 3 groups, and the unit is rated at up to 100m – which again is more than enough for most situations.

So should you get these over the Pocket Wizard units? It comes down to what you need them to do, if you need the extra range, more channels, and groups then the Pocket Wizard is likely the unit for you. But if the YN-622 does what you need then save yourself some money and get the YN-622’s.

Currently the YN-622N’s are onle available from the Yongnuo store or on Ebay. But expect them to hit Amazon soon, which is where I will be ordering a couple of these for review so keep an eye out.