The Fujifilm GFX  (along with the Hasselblad X1D to some extent) sits in a particularly awkward position than other mirrorless systems. When a new mirrorless camera hits the market those photographers who are the early adopters of the system usually rely on existing vintage and modern lenses to fill gaps until native ones become available.


The main bulk of these adapted lenses are from 35mm-sized cameras, but with a sensor 26% bigger than the traditional full frame standard, lenses will most definitely be heavily vignetted on the GFX, but that doesn’t stop companies from making adapters.

K&F Concept, a budget marketed accessories company, has decided to throw it hat in the ring, providing their own adapters for the Fujifilm G mount. Eight adapters are being released including:

  • Canon EF – Fujifilm G
  • Yashica/Contax – – Fujifilm G
  • Leica R – Fujifilm G
  • Olympus OM – Fujifilm G
  • Nikon F – Fujifilm G
  • Minolta MD-MC/SR – Fujifilm G
  • Pentax K – Fujifilm G
  • KF-42G: M42 – Fujifilm G

The new adapters are similar to the Fotodiox offerings, in that there is no electronic communication from the lens to the body of the camera. The adapters have yet to appear on their US site, but when they do expect them to retail around $90. Here is a translated page from Shoten Kobo.

Also released recently is a first for the system, an autofocus adapter.  Unlike the Fujifilm H Mount Adapter G, which only allows for manual focus control and flash sync speeds up to 1/800, Fringer has developed a Contax 645 to GFX adapter that is capable of electronic aperture control, and autofocus for select Contax lenses.

So far only the 35mm f/3.5, 45mm f/2.8, 80mm f/2 and 140mm f/2.8 lenses, as well as the Mutar 1.4x teleconverter are supported.  As to be expected the AF performance will not be as fast as native offerings.

The adapter features a built-in Arca-swiss tripod mount, copper mounts, and built-in USB port for firmware upgrades.  The mount is available direct from Fringer for $750.

Via: DPReview