Note: The following is a sponsored post for NeroTrigger.

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High-speed photography is one of the activities you can start by adding very little investment on top of your basic photography equipment. NeroTrigger offers the functionality you need as a compact size gadget with seamless operation. It actually offers much more by combining light and sound sensors in six different modes.

High-speed photography requires a gadget to be used to trigger the camera or flash unit within a few milliseconds. Most of the time, the object is something that moves like a bullet if not it is the bullet itself. Unless your DSLR can capture about 1000 fps, there is no way to capture the bullet flying through the apple without getting some help. NeroTrigger uses the sound sensor to determine when the bullet is fired. You add some delay in milliseconds so the bullet makes its way to the apple and just at the exact time NeroTrigger triggers the flash unit. This is how NeroTrigger works in Sound mode.


To make your life easier, inventors of NeroTrigger added an optical sensor as well and offer the lightning mode. It is sensitive not just to lightning but also other light events like fireworks, sparks or even a laser beam. If you are a storm chaser interested in lightning photography, NeroTrigger is an essential tool for you. It makes it possible to capture the picture of lightning which would stay visible for about 250 milliseconds. You can adjust the sensitivity to capture only the big bolts or even the smallest strikes. The same sensor is used to capture laser beams as well. The most common use of laser mode is in wildlife photography. You set up you camera and laser source so that the beam will be broken when an animal walks or flies through and NeroTrigger will release the shutter for you.

The two other modes of NeroTrigger are HDR and Time Lapse. These modes use the software capabilities of NeroTrigger and they let you to fine tune the settings like to fit your needs. You can set the center and exposure value in HDR mode. If your camera does not have built-in HDR feature, NeroTrigger gives you this functionality. Time Lapse mode lets you to specify the interval and exposure in seconds level up to one hour. You can limit the number of pictures to be taken, so you don’t fill up your memory card.


The DIY mode really unlimits what you can do with NeroTrigger by making it possible to hook-up external sensors to it. If you want to take a picture when the temperature rises above a certain degree, you will need a NeroTrigger and a temperature sensor. This was just an example, so unleash your creativity.


NeroTrigger is compatible with major makes and models like Canon, Nikon, Olympus with interchangeable connection cable, so one device fits all. It comes with a two year warranty and worldwide free express shipping. You can choose from six different colors and order online at