Smartphones have completely changed the landscape of consumer photography, decimating point-and-shoot camera sales as their cameras have advanced technologically. What’s more, things like 4K video capabilities and in-body-stabilization coupled with the ubiquitous nature of video in today’s internet-soaked society have paved the way for smartphone videography to become genuinely viable.

As smartphone cameras have progressed, so have peripheral photography and videography accessories designed for the gadgets. Moment’s swappable smartphone lenses have secured their spot as a most-loved add-on for both still and video work, DJI’s Osmo Mobile 2 brings silky-stable footage at a very reasonable price point, smartphone tripod mounts abound, and there are even add-on cameras like DXO’s One.

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In recent weeks, two new accessories have caught our eye here at SLR Lounge. First up is a new addition to the Moment family that smartphone videographers will no doubt find intriguing. It’s their new anamorphic lens, designed to offer the ability to create truly cinematic video footage with your smartphone. Anamorphic lenses allow you to capture a wide field of view with a cinematic ratio and also possess a linear type of flare like those often seen in big-budget Hollywood productions.

Footage released by Moment looks enticing. It’s sharp, and with a bit of color grading and the addition of a gimbal (and counterweight), it appears one can produce videos using minimal, lightweight gear that looks like it was created with more traditional video equipment.

Moment’s anamorphic lens and other filmmaking accessories are now available via for preorder via Kickstarter.

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The second new smartphone accessory to turn heads at SLR Lounge is NiSi Prosories P1 Kit for attaching square filters to your smartphone. The kit includes a filter holder, a medium graduated neutral density filter, a clip to attach the apparatus, and a storage pouch.

The two filters are stackable so that they can be used together. For smartphone photographers who enjoy shooting landscapes, this combinations will add new possibilities for your work. The NiSi Prosories P1 Kit is available for preorder at B&H.